Rocky beach

Salalah, Oman

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Ambiance Shoal Reef

A large bay with many different routes to dive. Like Turtle Alley, it can be difficult to access early in the season due to the kelp, but also has many alleys, rock and coral outcrops and sandy patches. Many different varieties of Moray Eel are seen at this site, from the small Grey Moray, Yellowmouth and Yellowmargin Morays, the rare Dragon Moray to the huge, 2m + Honeycomb Morays. There is also a small Island to the west of the bay, known as Shark Land although it is now very rare to encounter sharks there. Most dives here will be between 5 and 15m, although for divers who are very conservative on air depths 20+m can be achieved further out in the bay.

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