Dive in Turkey

    Kursunburnu Istanbul, Turkey

    Allow all level of divers.There are three different holes underwater, 17, 22 and 40 meters. You'd meet so many different kind of exotic creatures from Atlantic or Pasific oceans like seastars, nudi branchias, anemones etc.You'd watch oftenly Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus…

    Yassiada Istanbul, Turkey

    Allow all level of divers.Yassı Island is a kind of heaven of migrant species. You'd meet so many different kind of exotic creatures from Atlantic or Pasific oceans like seastars, nudi branchias, anemones etc.You'd watch oftenly Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus scriba, Labridae,…

    The Wolfs Point Bodrum, Turkey

    Octopuses, Groupers...

    Aladin's Cavern Fethiye, Turkey

    The best dive of the area! Two caverns: The first cavern at 30 m and the second at 12 m.

    Amphora Corner Kas, Turkey

    Reef extending the north side of the island. Some stone anchors, amphorae. Normally no current on the western side of the reef. Changing on the eastern side. With current on the eastern side good chance to see a lot of fish (barracudas, mackerel and sometimes tuna hunting).Caretta caretta are…

    Big Wall Kas, Turkey

    Wall starting at about 20m going down to more than 40m. From the end of the wall a short swim over a not so interesting area brings you to the second highlight of the spot. A tunnel starting at about 35m with the other opening at about 20m.Big Wall is an alias of Anchor Reef? If so: There are seven…

    Blue Cave Oludeniz, Turkey


    Canyon Kas, Turkey

    You reach a trench in the rocks at about 4 meters and drop down to about 20m along beautifully covered walls. Moving south you reach the wreck of a cotton freighter at about 25 meters that extends to about 35 to 40 meters.An alternative is to go left (south east) along a big and also beautifully…

    Duchess of York Kalkan, Turkey

    Wreck of the "Duchess of York" starting at about 40m going down well below 80m.Reef starts at about 5m and can be dived at 10-20m for less experienced divers. Some parts of the wreck are visible at the reef as well.

    Fener Kulesi Kas, Turkey

    Rock formations at the banks, sandy bottom with seaweed in the bay. Reef at the end of the bay with some rock formations.Nice place for quiet afternoon dives. You can experience everything here: from boring to a lot of animals.Pretty good place for night dives. Amphora remains - some of them quite…

    Firnaz Bay Kalkan, Turkey

    Mainly a sandy bottom with some rocks and sea grass; not a lot of great interest but good for training.

    Flying Fish Reef Kas, Turkey

    WWII Italian torpedo bomber.Very deep dive but well worth it.Also worth a dive if you don't go that deep. Very nice reef. Usually a lot of fish (large groupers, barracudas, moray eels), especially during early morning dives.Recommended depth to go round the reef: 25-35m.

    Gurmenli Rocks Kas, Turkey

    A very nice dive site. Rich in fish life. After 40m depth sand starts.

    Iblis Point Oludeniz, Turkey


    Kargi Island Bodrum, Turkey

    One of the medium-level difficult dive sites around the Bordum peninsula. The surface and deep streams are usually strong. IT's a wall-type dive which starts from the south-eastern cove of the island. Reef structures are formed and species of Moray, Congar Eel, Groupers and Barracudas can be…

    Kirish Kemer, Turkey

    Very poor dive site, but shore rocks around are nice and wild.

    Light House Kemer, Turkey

    Fish feeding. Poor to nothing marine life. Sandy bottom

    Mid Reef Kalkan, Turkey

    Neptun Riff Kas, Turkey

    An easy to dive reef in a depth range of 12-40 meters. Lot of ancient amphoras and cans. Sometimes sea-turtles.

    Orak Island Bodrum, Turkey

    Fantastic wall dive!

    Paris Wreck Kemer, Turkey

    According to german magazine 'Unterwasser' 2003 one of the world's best dive spots!!!

    Tunnel Kas, Turkey

    At about 20m you reach the entrance of a sea cavern that meets sandy ground at about 35m.The walls in the cathedral like cavern are beautifully covered including mermaid's vails.Leaving the cavern to the right you'll find a beautifully covered wall.

    Uluburun II Wreck Kas, Turkey

    On this site a a reconstruction of the ancient wreck that was found and excavated at Uluburun was sunk in 2006.A archeology park emulating the original site of Uluburun was also set up there.

    Yatakadasi Izmir, Turkey

    The Milo Gallipoli, Turkey

    The Milo was partially sunk by the allies in October 1915 to create a wave break to protect the ANZACs best harbour at North Beach. It was broken in two by a storm on 18th Nov 1915 and now lies only half a foot from its original position in 1915. The wreck of the Milo off the shores of North Beach…

    Lundi Gallipoli, Turkey

    One of the most important is the Lundi, which was sunk by torpedo fire on 15 April 1915. This wreck lies on sand at 27 meters in Suvla Bey, between the Büyük Kemikli and Küçük Kemikli headlands.Despite the intervening 81 years, this cargo ship carrying supplies and…

    HMS Majestic Gallipoli, Turkey

    The British warship HMS Majestic sank at right angles to the shore in Morto Cove, so while its bow lies in 18 meters of water, its stern lies on sand at a depth of 29 meters. In the 1960s divers unfortunately dismantled the most interesting sections of the wreck, but the crow's nest can be seen…

    Steam ship Gallipoli, Turkey

    Another interesting wreck is a steam ship in Suvla Bay near Büyük Kemikli headland. Lying at 15 meters and largely buried under sand, the most notable feature of this wreck is its thickly armored steam boiler which exploded when the ship sunk and broke into three sections. The proximity of…

    Lighter shipwrecks Gallipoli, Turkey

    Lighters were sheet iron boats about 20 meters in length used by the British fleet to carry provisions and landing troops between their base on Gökçeada (Imroz) and Gallipoli. Since they were open many of them were sunk by gunfire or storms, and several are to be seen at depths of 28 to…
    An artificial reef, C47 Dacota Plane, ex.Turkish Airforce

    Neandros Island Istanbul, Turkey

    May be the most colorful dive site of Istanbul.Allow all level of divers.Aspecially between 3-8 meters you'd watch many different kinds of creatures like Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus scriba, Labridae etc. Morever, at least 7-8 different kinds of sea-stars, anemones, crabs and…
    Secret garden

    Secret Garden Fethiye, Turkey

    Descend down to 25m and find a small cavern exit first cavern andcontinue until you come to a huge cavern with the ceiling at 6m and floor at 27m. Cavern goes intothe cliff for approx. 20m. Take a torch and see the amazing rich colours of the sponges and softcorals. Exit cavern and swim through arch…

    ALADDIN’S CAVERN Fethiye, Turkey

    ‘Probably the best dive in the world’ well it’s a slight exaggerationbut it is definitely the best dive in our area. The wall that one starts the dive is so colorful and thereare many varieties of marine life to photograph. Along the fauna and coral wall you will find trumpetanemones, daisy…

    ATABOL Mugla, Turkey

    Atabol is located 0,6 mile away from the land. A buoy light is located on the reef. Atabol reef is very big and rich with baracudas, stingrays, nudibranches, groupers, murreys and other fishes.

    Aktur Çiflik Köşe Marmaris, Turkey

    Slopes stretches into the sea as it is seen above water. Dive place is very good for all divers. Dives begin from 5 meter depth and the last rock top is 30 m deep. We prefer left arm diving. Visibility in our region is very good and we always dive away from mass tourism.

    SG115 Coast Guard Wreck Bodrum, Turkey

    Coast Guard Wreck SG115