Fener Kulesi

Kas, Turkey

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Dive Fener Kulesi

Wreck Reef

Rock formations at the banks, sandy bottom with seaweed in the bay. Reef at the end of the bay with some rock formations.

Nice place for quiet afternoon dives. You can experience everything here: from boring to a lot of animals.

Pretty good place for night dives. Amphora remains - some of them quite photogenic - of possible roman origin can be found especially on the deeper part of the reef.

Close to the reef lie the remains of a wooden sailing ship from the ottoman period that are around 200-300 years old. It probably ripped its hull open on the reef and sank after drifting into the bay. The wreck is around 12-15 m long and consists of the lower part of the hull, partly buried by a mound of ballast stones. The framing and outer and inner planking can be observed. There are two big, good preserved amphoras, bricks (probably from the galley/kitchen place) and broken amphoras strewn between the ribs. The wreck lies at a depth of around 22 m. It can be found by going to this depth on the reef and following the depth line to the right into the bay. The wreck is nothing spectacular but nice to see if you have an interest in underwater archaeology. There are not many opportunities to see the considerable well preserved remains of a 17th/18th century sailing ship without special permissions.

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