Dive in Turkey

Travel to Turkey

Encircled by the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black Sea, Turkey has beautiful spots with turquoise crystal waters. Scuba diving in turkey is relatively new but is developing along with the tourist industry. The warm weather in Turkey makes scuba diving possible all year round; however, the diving season begins around April  and the height of the season occurs in August where the waters reach temperatures of 30C.

The most popular scuba diving sites are located in the mediterranean side of Turkey, and include Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Kas, and Gallipoli. The Turkish Riviera has several interesting wrecks, caves and a wealth of archaeological finds. There is also a variety of sea life to be seen, like Barracuda, Sea bream and Octopus. However, the level of sea life is typically Mediterranean, and not as much sea life can be seen as in scuba diving in the Red Sea or Caribbean. Antalya offers a particularly good wreck scuba diving opportunity as this is where a Second World War hospital ship sank.