Dive in Gallipoli

Diving in Gallipoli

Scuba And Diving Around of the Gallipoli Peninsula offers you the amazing opportunity to dive through the history of the WWI.

The Gallipoli campaign commenced on 18 March 1915 when the British navy sought to attack Istanbul via the Çanakkale Strait. When their attempt to get through the strait failed, a joint offensive by British, French and Italian fleets was launched on 25 April 1915. Thousands of troops were landed on the pennsula of Gallipoli. But the unexpected Turkish resistance and the military skills of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk led to the failure of this campaign and the Allies withdrew from Gallipoli on 9 January 1916. Over that period several hundreds ships and boats sunk in the coastal waters between Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay on the western side of the peninsula. These included several war ships, landing craft, and lighters carrying troops and provisions.

Today the locations of 216 of these wrecks have been identified, the most important being the British warships Irresistible, Triumph, Ocean, Majestic and Goliath and the French Bouvet. Normally the boat ride takes just 20 minutes to an hour to reach the diving areas, so that two dives can be completed in a day.