Lighter shipwrecks

Gallipoli, Turkey

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Lighters were sheet iron boats about 20 meters in length used by the British fleet to carry provisions and landing troops between their base on Gökçeada (Imroz) and Gallipoli. Since they were open many of them were sunk by gunfire or storms, and several are to be seen at depths of 28 to 30 meters. 
A lighter lying off Anzac Cove west of Kocatepe harbor is one of those most often visited by divers, both because it is within easy reach and because of its proximity to the other wrecks in Suvla Bay.
Two other lighters at a depth of 30 meters and 15 meters apart lying parallel to the southern shore of Morto Cove provide interesting dives. One was carrying a wheeled steam boiler which now lies on its side in the sand on the port side of the bow. Shoals of leer, a large, silver fish with a dark back often exceeding 1.5 meters in length, are one of the lighter wrecks. These curious and lovely fish swim to meet divers and circle around them. They are sensitive to sound, and if divers tap their diving knives on metal as they swim, the leer will rush out to investigate the intruders.

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