Gallipoli, Turkey

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Dive Lundi


One of the most important is the Lundi, which was sunk by torpedo fire on 15 April 1915. This wreck lies on sand at 27 meters in Suvla Bey, between the Büyük Kemikli and Küçük Kemikli headlands.
Despite the intervening 81 years, this cargo ship carrying supplies and ammunition is largely intact and is home to a wide variety of marine life. The spaces between the sandy bottom and the ship's bull are a favorite haunt for lobsters and other crustaceans. On the deck just in front of the bridge is a colony of conger eels up to one meter in length. The hatch covers have rotted away giving easy access to the hold towards the bow, and inside are shoals of bream and goby. The iron beams of the hold are covered with pink and yellow sponges. The enclosed spaces are inhabited by corb fish

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