Istanbul, Turkey

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Dive Kursunburnu

Ambiance Shoal Deep

Allow all level of divers.

There are three different holes underwater, 17, 22 and 40 meters. You'd meet so many different kind of exotic creatures from Atlantic or Pasific oceans like seastars, nudi branchias, anemones etc.

You'd watch oftenly Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus scriba, Labridae, Sea bream, Ballan, Scorpionfish (Scorpaena_scrofa), Forkbeard, etc.

About 22-23 meters fire corals welcome you first. Later, between 22 to 30 meters there's a field of sea pen lay down... If you like macro creatures take care around sea pens. Nudi branchias, so many different kinds of tunicades live around sea pens.

There is a fantastic anemone garden between 4-8 meters and those anemones are home of anemone spider crab's...


There are some termocline layers in Marmara sea. Water temprature changes 6-28 C surface to 18 meter. At this layer waters come from Blacksea. Below 18 meter, you dive into Mediteranean waters and this layer always 11-12 C.
So, please put on your hood and gloves.
Visibility always clear in Mediteranean waters. Sometimes it can be little bit blurry in Blacksea waters.
At the north and south edges of Island currents get stronger.

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