Dive in Tanzania

    Leven bank Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Often seen: schools of tuna, barracuda and kingfish.The top of Leven bank can be as shallow as 14 m, when the tide is low. The bank isseveral miles from shore, so may be subject to high currents . The site looks like a big plateau coming up from great depth, with the top of it slighlty at an angle.…

    Misali Island Pemba Island, Tanzania

    MISALI ISLANDMisali as a MarineConservation Area is characterised by unique marine and terrestrialecosystems of remarkable species diversity. about 350 fish species and40 genera of hard corals have been recorded. The 1 Km sq. of terrestrialarea supports the endangered nesting turtles and the dense…

    Coral Garden Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Excellent second dive.

    Mwana Wa Mwana Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Interesting coral. Abundant sea stars, cucumbers, and urchins. Turtles and octupus can be spotted.

    Anemona city Zanzibar, Tanzania

    It’s only a 10 minute boat ride from Kizimkazi. The boat anchors near a plateau about 4-5 meters deep. Swimming over the plateau we can already see many corals, small and large with abundant underwater life. We soon reach a slope where we go from 7 meters to the maximum of 15-17 meters. Swimming…

    Aquarium Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    One of the best dive of Mnembo Is. Very colorfull, a lot of fishs, shallow and calm waters. Perfect!The start of the dive is perfect for beginners: shallow coral along a sandy seabed.Inhabitants: parrotfish, surgeonfish, fusiliers, butterflyfish, bannerfish, crocodile fish, rays, wrasses and morays.

    Aquarium Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    Big Wall Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Fundo Gap Pemba Island, Tanzania

    This is truly an impeccable area of five incredibly unspoilt (to Date) dive sites where Pemba's Fundo Island and Njao Island face each other.Still my favourite dive area.A few Examples then:Njao wall (Emelio's Passage) is an exhilarating fast drift dive not for the faint hearted. I sometimes…

    Great Wall Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    North east wall is accessible only in very good weather and calm seas. The wall is very rich in marine life. fish, corals, macro.

    Groopers Rock Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Groupers Rock Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Haunted Wall Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Dive site contains interesting coral, abundant sea stars, cucumber, and urchins. Turtles and octupus can be spotted.

    Kichwani Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Drift diving along a vertical wall

    Njao Gap Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Njao gap has about six spots within it that are each completely different to each other. From Table Coral Garden's and probably every type of coral known to the Indian Ocean, dropping over the End of the World to incredible depths beyond the giant Gorgonian fan corals at 30-40 metres. Trigger Wall…

    Pinnacle Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    Sand Banks Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Dolphin wall Zanzibar, Tanzania

    20-25 minutes boat ride from Kizimkazi, this site is located on the South-East part of the island. The boat anchors near a plateau where the ocean is 6-8 meters deep from where we swim down a steep slope with colourful corals, maximum depth 20-25 meters. Beside the already mentioned fish, here we…

    Octopus reef Zanzibar, Tanzania

    This underwater reef is a 15 minute boat ride from Kizimkazi. The top of the reef is at 12-15 meters and got its name from the octopus who live in the area, hiding in the corals. The reef is a steep wall which finishes at 35-40 meters. Swimming alongside the colourful wall beside the before…

    Turtle Reef Zanzibar North, Tanzania


    Watabomi Zanzibar North, Tanzania

    Enjoy diving with turtles! They are abundant in this area.

    Kizidi reef Zanzibar, Tanzania

    About 10 minutes from Kizimkazi, Kizidi reef is a several 100 meter long underwater reef. There are several dive spots along this reef. The walls are covered by colourful corals as well as the bottom 10 meters deep. We can see puffer fish, box fish, emperor fish, nudibranches, surgeon fish, trumpet…

    the Swiss Reef Pemba Island, Tanzania

    System of sea mountains running parallel to the wall on a platform 25m down. The mountains have different profiles; from just a few meter up to 100m long. The thing to do here is drift dive over the system going from one mountain to another discovering the amazing reef life. Good chance in seeing…

    The Edge Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Just west of the north-western peninsula. This is the last wall before Pemba island drops into the Pemba channel The wall starts at 30 meters and falls down steep! On the top of the wall huge barrels sponges and spirals corals grow up to two meters high. This is a great place for encounters with…

    Shimba Wall Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Just off the extreme north-western peninsula. Gentle wall with profusion of reef fish and rainbow runners. This is the closest wall to the resort, only 5 min boat ride away. The wall starts at 5m depth finishes at around 20m in a platform. A good spot for seeing lion fish, nudibranches, scorpion…

    Shimba Hills Pemba Island, Tanzania

    The last corner of the Shimba Wall breaks into two and forms a valley at 12m depth with sand bottom with lots of barrel sponges and anthias, red sea sweatlips, fusiliers, red tooth triggerfish, etc. Recommended for: Novice Dive

    Njao Gap North Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Just north-west of Njao Island, on the north-west corner of Pemba. Another interesting and dramatic dive site. The lovely coral garden slopes from 5m to 18m, and suddenly plummets down into “un-diveable” depths. Currents can be strong. Best enjoyed when drift-dived, allowing the north…

    Njao Gap South Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Steep Wall, huge overhangs, gorgonian sea fans, eels, giant grouper, turtles, wrasse. Amazing night dives. Recommended for: Open water divers

    Mandela Wall Pemba Island, Tanzania

    The north-western tip of Fundo Island. The top of this wall is between 8 to 15 metres deep, dropping dramatically in some areas to more than 200 metres. The precipitous cliffs are adorned with gorgonian sea fans and whip corals. Be on the look out for large “blue water” species. This…

    Coral Garden Pemba Island, Tanzania

    At the end of Mandela wall, and start Fundo Gap, this platform of coral is protected from strong currents. It is a great place to see the thousands of coral formations. Take your time to see the macro life that exist in Pemba, such as the pipe fish, banded boxer shrimps, commensal, emperor partner…

    Manta Point Pemba Island, Tanzania

    Manta Point, said to be one of the world’s finest dive sites, is situated just beyond the mouth of the Fundu Gap, west of Fundu Island. It is well-named, though mantas are not guaranteed. During dry season from January, to April it is possible to see Devil and Eagle rays in groups of up to 15…

    The Crack Pemba Island, Tanzania

    The Crack is a massive vertical crack that divides the wall in two. The wall starts at 7m and falls down to 45m. The crack is situated in the narrowest part of the gap. Be aware that there always is very strong currents! The wall is one of the most amazing walls you will ever see. It’s full of…
    Giant Clam

    Kinasi Wall Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Lots of hard and soft corals and abundance of sea life including giant clams, groupers, pelagic fish, Napolean Wrasse and maybe a Hawksbill Turtle.Once of the most popular sites at Mafia Island.
    Flat worm

    Chloe Wall Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Many different species of coral and fish such as butterflyfish and angelfish.Great macro dive for nudibranchs and flatworms.Great for a night dive.
    Leaf Fish

    Coral Gardens Mafia Island, Tanzania

    great photography site, clear and interesting with colourful coral and excellent visibility.Good for snorkelling too.

    Murogo Reef Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    As we enter the water we start by following a line of shallow coral before we come to a steep sloping reef which drops down to 21-24m at its base. The dive is great at all depths abd can be dived more shallow without losing any of the grandeur of this fantastic site. Here we can find a huge variety…

    Pange Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    Pange Reef is based around the first sand bank west of Stone Town with a maximum depth of 12 metres on the north side and 24 metres on the south side. Both sites have a great variety of coral and lots of tropical fish such as clownfish, parrotfish, Moorish Idols and many others.The South side site…

    Bawe Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    Bawe island, only 25 minutes by boat from Stone Town, has a lovely reef stretching right around it. Particularly good are the south and north sides of the island. With an average depth of 18 metres these sites suit all levels of diver.Here you will find beautiful corals such as Acropora, Staghorn,…

    The Great Northern Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    Wreck diving to suit all levels on the Great Northern. This British cable-laying ship sank on New Years Eve 1903 and now sits at 12 metres, just off Pange Sandbank. She has become a magnificent artificial reef in the years since she sank and it has become home to a number of leaf fish, moray eels…

    The Royal Navy Lighter Zanzibar West, Tanzania

    For advanced divers only!The wreck sits at 30 metres where she now lies in the sand off the south of Bawe's beautiful reef.When we reach the wreck we spend time exploring the gaps around the hull which hide larger groupers and eels and the surrounding sand where crocodile fish and stone fish hide.…