Dive in Mafia Island

    Giant Clam

    Kinasi Wall Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Lots of hard and soft corals and abundance of sea life including giant clams, groupers, pelagic fish, Napolean Wrasse and maybe a Hawksbill Turtle.Once of the most popular sites at Mafia Island.
    Flat worm

    Chloe Wall Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Many different species of coral and fish such as butterflyfish and angelfish.Great macro dive for nudibranchs and flatworms.Great for a night dive.
    Leaf Fish

    Coral Gardens Mafia Island, Tanzania

    great photography site, clear and interesting with colourful coral and excellent visibility.Good for snorkelling too.
    Nudi City

    Nudi City Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Our discovered site, Nudi City is a soft coral reef running parallel to the shoreline.Named due to the abundance of sea slugs, this dive site offers all the weird and wonderful creatures such as seahorses, dragon sea moth fish, ghost pipe fish and shrimps. You can also spot more common friends such…

    Frogfish Town Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Muck Diving off the beach of our centre. A Mafia Island Diving discovered reef, here one can find giant nudibranches, harlequin shrimps and the illusive frog fishPerfect site for Macro fiends and photographers!

    Kinasi Pass Mafia Island, Tanzania

    Mafia Island's most famous dive site. The pass is a corridor from the outside of the bay to the inside which on an incoming tide, gushes through with water and plenty of big fish.Here, diving in the canyon one can see giant groupers, giant sting rays, big schools of sweet lips and barracudas as well…