The Royal Navy Lighter

Zanzibar West, Zanzibar

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Dive The Royal Navy Lighter

Deep Wreck

For advanced divers only!
The wreck sits at 30 metres where she now lies in the sand off the south of Bawe's beautiful reef.

When we reach the wreck we spend time exploring the gaps around the hull which hide larger groupers and eels and the surrounding sand where crocodile fish and stone fish hide. On deck we can get a bird-eyes view of the schools of fish sheltering in the hull while large schools of Rainbow Runners, Trevally, Sweepers and Yellow-finned goatfish school overhead, occasionally dipping down into the whip corals which cover the deck.

To finish the dive we come up the gently sloping sand to Bawe reef where we then find ourselves surrounded by the brightly coloured corals.

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