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Dive Bawe


Bawe island, only 25 minutes by boat from Stone Town, has a lovely reef stretching right around it. Particularly good are the south and north sides of the island. With an average depth of 18 metres these sites suit all levels of diver.

Here you will find beautiful corals such as Acropora, Staghorn, Brain corals and a large variety of tropical reef fish.

On the south side there are two fantastic coral dives - one along a shallow 12 metre line and the second being a number of large coral bommies all of which sit at around 18 metres. This site involves swimming past coral walls and over sand, past rays and sponges as we search for the next bommie.

The north side is a continuous coral wall, displaying amazing textures and hiding a huge array of life. Watch out for the hiding octopus and turtles that sometimes pay a visit here.

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