Manta Point

Pemba Island, Tanzania

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Big Fishes

Manta Point, said to be one of the world’s finest dive sites, is situated just beyond the mouth of the Fundu Gap, west of Fundu Island. It is well-named, though mantas are not guaranteed. During dry season from January, to April it is possible to see Devil and Eagle rays in groups of up to 15 individuals. They visit this spectacular coral pinnacle for cleaning purposes or just to glide past in their graceful way, filter feeding as they go, sometimes at surprisingly shallow depths. The pinnacle, flocculent with fantastic corals, rises from 40m to 8m, with a dramatic drop on its western side. Visibility varies from about 20 to 40 metres. A whole range of marine life, from fusiliers, jackfish and surgeon-fish and turtles, might be seen here, as well as plenty of coral. Recommended for: Unfortunately for novices, this marvellous site is for experienced divers only.

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