Malapascua, Cebu

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Dive Bantigi


This is a great muck dive - some divers have told us that Bantigi is even better than Lembeh!. It starts as a shallow reef that turns into a sandy bottom at around 12m where you can find all kinds of unusual creatures. There are goby and shrimp living together in holes everywhere and the tiny rocks often house small mantis shrimp. You will often see fire urchins, zebra crabs, dwarf lionfish, cuttlefish, seamoths, crabs, snake Malapascua Island Divingeels, frogfish, nudis and snowflake moray eels. One rock is home to a large carpet anemone. The anemonefish that live on it often have a patch of their orange eggs to guard and get quite aggressive if you get too close! If you can brave the nemos, look below for porcelain crabs, banded boxer shrimp and lionfish.

Occasionally we see mimic octopus and stargazers here. Ask for our DM Tata to help you to find those!

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