Dive in Coiba Island

    El Porton Coiba Island, Panama

    tunas and jacks

    Mali Mali Coiba Island, Panama

    Islas Ladrones- Ciudad Perdida Coiba Island, Panama

    What an amazing structure. Underwater, it looks like building foundations with steps and walkways and such. Really interesting. The underwater life here is many varieties of colorful coral and an amazing variety of coral fishes. Also, you'll see the big ocean guys blow through and some white tip…

    Islas Ladrones- Humpback Rock Coiba Island, Panama

    This is a great structure, it looks like a humpback face when the waves move just right. This is a pinnacle that comes up from 65 feet to within 5 feet of the surface. You can see an amazing amount of big ocean pelagics here. The Freakin ZooPretty much an underwater zoo... again a place that you'll…

    Isla Montuoso Coiba Island, Panama

    This is an island far out into the Pacific ocean. The ride is very long (4 hours). On this dive, you will see lots of coral and underwater life. You'll also see the large pelagics and ocean fish. During certain times of the year, you may also see the Galapagos Seals.