The Ark Divers

The Ark Divers

Coiba Island, Veraguas

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The Ark Divers offers a unique Scuba lodge experience in the lush mountains of Pixvae.

Pixvae is the closest gateway to Coiba National Park. A short 15 minutes boat ride brings you to Coibas best dive sites.

Private cabanas in the mountains with ocean view. Private professional dive guide. Exclusive dive trips. Environmentally conscious diving. Outdoor activities. Nature lover paradise. Amazing holiday packages. Great food. A real cultural experience. Substainable living.

And, a view you won't forget.

The Ark Divers - Beyond Diving

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We are offering a customised unique dive experience. Being the closest point to Coiba National Park we have the opportunity to be the first ones in the park and the last ones to leave. With The Ark Divers you also dive at sites no one else dives. A real dive operation for real divers. Explore new dive sites in the Park with us. Divers safety is our main priority! With brand new and well serviced gear we make sure about that. Become part of the dive operation by actively choosing and planning dives. The Ark Divers - Beyond Diving

  • Humpback whale

    Humpback whale
  • Seahorse

  • The Ark Divers Panama

    The Ark Divers Panama
  • Whale shark

    Whale shark
  • Jelly

  • Whale shark

    Whale shark

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