Coiba Dive Center

Coiba Dive Center

Coiba Island, Veraguas

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COIBA DIVE CENTER is located in Santa Catalina, Panama, just a 1 hour boat ride from Coiba National Park. This area is often described by many as the "New Galapagos" and the "New Cocos." How can diving in Panama, a short plane trip from the U.S., be described as similar to two of the ultimate, but remote, destinations for divers? Well, it's part of the same underwater mountain chain and the same geographical area. The same animals you see in the Galapagos and Cocos are also found here, close by, in Panama. And, the bonus is that you'll see more coral, less boat traffic, and far fewer divers.

When you dive with us, you will also find a unique and highly personalized dive experience. We're not fans of crowded cattle boats, so we limit the boat to a comfortable amount of divers. We'll be your personal guides and are happy to tailor your diving experience to your skill level and personal preferences.

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