Dive in Central Pacific

    Elephant Rock Manzanillo Bay, Mexico


    San Luciano wreck Manzanillo Bay, Mexico

    The San Luciano is a 300-foot-long steam vessel, sunk during the hurricane of 1959.This wreck is home of many sea horses and marine sea life. This is a great dive site for snorkelling (the top of the wreck is only 4 ft. beneath the surface).

    Anegados Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Some of its interesting features are: laberinthlike rocks to swim through while seeing schools of fish, an archway covered with corals and sea fans housing all kinds of nocturnal species like squirrel fish, soldier fish and octopi and remains of a shipwreck know only by a few.In the sandy bottom,…

    El morro Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    It is a rock inhabited by marine birds outside of the Bay and at the edge of the Pacific. It is surrounded by a rocky and sandy area with depths down to 160 feet. It's landmark is a 200 foot long sea cave formed by the action of waves through thousands of years leading from the south side all the…

    La Pared Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    The maximum depth is 80 feet where the sand slope begins. Huge rocks form crevices and small swim throughs. The main wall goes down to 40 feet and it is covered with corals, gorgonians, ascidians, sponges and bryozoans. During the months of April, May and June large aggregations of the colorful…

    Las Tres Marietas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Would recommend going with a private or small group instead of on a boat with snorkelers and 15+ divers, and also doing multiple dives along these islands. Can see octopus, many difference species of fish, manta rays occasionally and reef formations.This is an easy dive for the most part.Would…

    Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Granite formations rising from depths that vary from 25 feet to 60 feet, through millions of years carved by the force of the ocean forming arches and caves which is how they became to be named Los Arcos. Out of the main arch the continental platform begins on a wall 1800 feet deep, a magical dive…

    Majahuitas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    It is a beautiful beach located in the South coast of Puerto Vallarta, accessible only by boat. Calm and mellow, perfect to practice diving or snorkel. The dives can be as shallow or as deep as the divers wish. One of the most remarkable inhabitants of this dive site are the garden eels.Manta rays…

    Punta Mismaloya Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Located about 6 miles from old Vallarta. It is famous because the 1970s movie “The Night of the Iguana” was shot there. It is reachable both by land or sea. This area is frequented by schools of eagle rays.The boat ride to this dive site is about 35 minutes.

    El Chimo Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Chimo is a small fishing village located south of the bay. The above water views of the tropical rain forest are breathtaking. This area is better enjoyed by divers with some level of experience. The rock formations and corals are impressive. Giant mantas are often seen here. Huge schools of fish…

    Las Viudas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    This dive site is located very close to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Even though it is a common ground for commercial fishing, the numbers of fish that can be observed is considerable. The great numbers and species of invertebrates that live in this area are very unique (some sponges and nudibranch…

    La CorbeteƱa Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    A far from shore rock located northwest of Puerto Vallarta, this place is considered as one of the best sites for pelagic encounters and clear oceanic waters. This site is recommended only to divers with experience since it is far away and can have challenging currents. The boat ride to this site is…

    Islas Marietas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Las Marietas Islands are located near the northern end of the Bay of Banderas and is a protected wildlife sanctuary. This trip takes you to the magical islands, home of several endangered species of birds like the Blue Footed, Boobies, which are only found in the Galapagos islands and the Islands of…

    Las Caletas Jalisco, Mexico

    Los frailes Manzanillo Bay, Mexico

    Very good dive site and very close from shore.Surrounding volcanic rock pinnacles covered with bright-colored sponges, stony corals and starfish give it its name. Depths reach 100feet and visibility ranges from 50 to 100 feet.

    Pena Blanca Manzanillo Bay, Mexico

    Manta Close Up

    San Benedicto Socorro Island, Mexico

    San Benedicto is the third largest in the Revillagigedo Islands.The best site here is The Boiler, a large sea mount that stops several feet from the surface. Its cleaning station attracts sea life from all around such as umpback whales, whale sharks, and tiger sharks.Friendly Giant Pacific Mantas…
    Silvertip Shark

    Roca Partida Socorro Island, Mexico

    Only 35m/115ft high and 92m/300ft long. It's the smallest of the Revillagigedo Islands. The site attracts pelagics and huge schools of jacks and tuna.Descend down the wall into deep water and explore around ridges that are home to groups of sleeping whitetip sharks. Depending on the current, you can…
    Manta in Socorro

    Socorro Island Socorro Island, Mexico

    Socorro Island is about 16km/10 miles by 14.4km/9 miles home to the Mexican Naval Station since 1957.Dive sites to visit here include Aquarium and Cabo Pearce.