El morro

Puerto Vallarta, Central Pacific

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Big Fishes Cave Deep

It is a rock inhabited by marine birds outside of the Bay and at the edge of the Pacific. It is surrounded by a rocky and sandy area with depths down to 160 feet. It's landmark is a 200 foot long sea cave formed by the action of waves through thousands of years leading from the south side all the way to the north side with depths of 90-130 in the deepest side.
By definition (National Association for Cave Diving) there is one cavern zone on each side and a small cave area in the middle. Within this cave area , there is a small room where big amounts of red shrimp can be seen crawling on the granite walls. The rocky granite walls of El Morro are covered with invertebrates like sea fans, corals and sponges, as well as many species of crab, shrimp, nudibranchs, sea urchins and octopi.
There are also schools of jacks and batfish, spotted, green and zebra moray eels. All year round and with a little patience giant mantas will show themselves swimming around the divers bubbles.
This is a site for experienced divers or advanced open water divers, as it might have currents and strong sea conditions, which also make it incredibly rich and diverse, and is best visited when using Nitrox.
To penetrate and traverse the sea cave safely it is necessary to carry a minimum if 2 lights per person, be fully cavern trained and use cavern diving equipment. The other safe choice is to wear open water gear and one light per diver while conducting a tour by a guide with full cave training and in full cave gear.

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Reviews (2)

Erich Mele July 5th, 2019 - 16:30:
This is a beautiful and dynamic dive site. Although the surge and current can be variable it makes for a fun and challenging dive. The caves and pinnacles offer amazing structure to traverse, and some opportunities to swim through. Sea life varied on our two dives, from white tipped reef sharks, eels, groupers, snappers, various bait fish schools, sea wrathes, puffers, countless reef fish, etc. small corral fans and coral mounts are plentiful along the pinnacles. Dive depth ranges but we did a quick descent to 90’, dropped to 130’ then worked our way back up. In all an awesome dive with a beautiful albeit rolling 30 minute boat ride from/to Punta Mita. The pro dive operation was offered through Oceana Adventuras in Sayulita. Sebastian the owner is awesome and Franco was our expert dive master/marine biologist guide. Made for a memorable top tour. Highly recommend.
Mark July 25th, 2012 - 20:15:
I just want to share my experience diving El Morro while we were living in Puerto Vallarta. The boat ride to El Morro can be a bumpy one depending on the boat you are using to get there. We had a very comfortable new boat operated by Vallarta Adventures. When you jump from the boat and dive down to 90 feet, you will see the opening to the cave in front of you. It looks like a big black hole, to some very inviting to enter, to others not. The moment you enter the cave and look around to look outside, you will be astonished. The view of one of your fellow divers against the blue background is beautiful! The dive itself was very nice as well, but one very remarkable thing happened when we where doing our safety stop. We noticed a something big moving towards us casting it's shadow over us. When we looked up we saw a huge manta ray swimming. The manta stayed close to us during the safety stop and then swam away when we started our ascent. Although we were diving with people who had been diving al around the world, they claimed this was one of their best dives ever. If you get the chance to visit PV, do not forget El Morro.

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