Los Arcos

Puerto Vallarta, Central Pacific

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Granite formations rising from depths that vary from 25 feet to 60 feet, through millions of years carved by the force of the ocean forming arches and caves which is how they became to be named Los Arcos. Out of the main arch the continental platform begins on a wall 1800 feet deep, a magical dive beginning on the edge (60 feet), divers will experience the "Abyss" feeling. It is also home of several species of Rays, Mantas, Eels, Morays and lots of other marine life.
Scuba diving at Los Arcos can be the equivalent of dipping into a large aquarium... filled with friendly, tropical fish. With multiple sites ranging from 30 to 60 feet, and deeper, divers will encounter interesting and varied terrain. With it's rich marine life and interesting underwater topography, Los Arcos offers something special for the snorkelers and all levels of divers.
Located at a short 30 minute boat ride from Marina Vallarta.

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