Dive in Italy

    Punta della Madonna Elba Island, Italy


    Secca Del Papa Tavolara, Italy

    One of the best sites in Italy and the whole Mediterranean Sea : you can find can almost all the marine species of the Mediterranean Sea but, above all, groupers and barracudas.Call this diving for more info: http://www.centrosubtavolara.com/

    Cerboli, Sifone Livorno, Italy

    Cerboli is a little limestone island in the Canal of Piombino.

    Allume Isola del Giglio, Italy

    Allume is a dive spot with two half-opened caves and one real cave with a big dome and a narrow exit.

    Atlantis Bay Taormina, Italy

    Banco di Santacroce Banco di Santacroce, Italy

    Cala dei Turchi Cala dei Turchi, Italy


    Calafuria Livorno, Italy

    Campione Campione, Italy


    Capo Caccia Alghero, Italy

    Network of caves underneath Capo Caccia. Very interesting dives, with caves of various sizes at different depths.

    Capo d Enfola Elba Island, Italy

    First steep drop to 18 m then after a short dive a drop to 45, fan corals, octopusses, moray etc

    Capo Noli Capo Noli, Italy

    Capo Sant Andrea reef Taormina, Italy


    Castello Aragonese Castello Aragonese, Italy

    Cebello Elba Island, Italy

    Very beautiful fan corals and "mountain" formations.

    Chiesa di San Giorgio Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Ciccillo Ciccillo, Italy


    Colombara Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    The Colombara is a great dive because of the swim through caverns. The first cavern at 36 metres is a long vertical wall then on the way back there are two swim throughs with Margherita de Mare (parazoanthus) and lobster and at the end an exciting siphon which starts at 20 metres; you can surface…

    Coticcio La Maddalena, Italy

    Amphores, Rocks, lobsters

    Croce Croce, Italy


    Faro di Portofino Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Ferdinandea volcano Ferdinandea volcano, Italy

    This submerged volcano is over 400m high and its summit is eight metres below the surface. It was formed at the collision point of the African and European tectonic plates and has disappeared under water since it surfaced during the 19th century. Underwater volcanoes can be biodiversity hotspots as…

    Formiche della Zanca Elba Island, Italy

    Nice dive-thru

    franata di corniglia Franata di corniglia, Italy

    Galera La Maddalena, Italy

    Parts of a wreck of a fishermans boat, scorpionfish, roman amphores

    German Lighter - Lazzaro German Lighter - Lazzaro, Italy

    Media DEPTH -40 mt, type sandy bottoms.Small German ship lying on the bottom slightly bent on one side.FLORA AND FAUNA sponges, urchins and spirografi encrusted hull of this well preserved wreck. Surrounded by benches and anthias Castagnole.

    Gli Archetti Oristano, Italy

    Good Dive, you can pass under many little archs populated by many Corals

    Golfo di Naxos Taormina, Italy

    Grotto Azurro Taormina, Italy

    Very nice dive-thru and a cavern

    Il Canalone Il Canalone, Italy


    Il Cristo Degli Abissi Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Sculptor: Guido GallettiSunken date: 1954The statue is in the middle of the bay. Best is to visit her, and continue the dive to the east.

    Il Cristo di Riva del Garda Il Cristo di Riva del Garda, Italy

    The site is protected by buoys and diving area is equipped with codline that provide a path along the wall and near the Christ submerged, even with poor visibility.The backdrop on one side is characterized by hills, stretches of rocks and algae at low depth (-3/-15m), where you can pike, perch and…

    Il panettone Il panettone, Italy


    Il Pifferaio Il Pifferaio, Italy

    Attention: Marine Park since 2007, ACCESS WITH RESTRICTIONS.

    Isola Bella Taormina, Italy

    Isola del Garda Isola del Garda, Italy

    Isuela Portofino Marine Park, Italy


    La Grotta Dei Gamberi Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Tonino?s favourite dive is "La Grotta Dei Gamberi" (The Cavern of the Shrimps) because of its abundance of pelagic animals like the tuna, big groupers and dentix. He also loves the smaller animals ? this dive is called after the massive families of white shrimps which live here. In front of the cave…

    Laghetto Standiana Laghetto Standiana, Italy


    Lago Gad Lago Gad, Italy

    Lake.1.050 m s.l.m.Fishing.