Dive in Liguria

    Christ of the Abyss Liguria, Italy

    ‘The Christ of The Abyss’ – thisgiant, submerged, bronzestatuemade of bronze was created in memory of Dario Gonzatti, one of the pioneers of scuba diving who began scuba diving in these waters.The Christo is in the bay of San Fruttuoso where there is an abbey dating backing to…
    The slope is mainly characterised by scattered stones and rocks covered with algae. Rocksare populated by yellow gorgonians (Eunicella cavolinii), while close to the bottom arecolourful mullets, moray eels and small fishes like wrasses and gobies.

    Capo Noli Capo Noli, Italy

    Chiesa di San Giorgio Portofino Marine Park, Italy


    Colombara Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    The Colombara is a great dive because of the swim through caverns. The first cavern at 36 metres is a long vertical wall then on the way back there are two swim throughs with Margherita de Mare (parazoanthus) and lobster and at the end an exciting siphon which starts at 20 metres; you can surface…

    Faro di Portofino Portofino Marine Park, Italy


    Il Cristo Degli Abissi Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Sculptor: Guido GallettiSunken date: 1954The statue is in the middle of the bay. Best is to visit her, and continue the dive to the east.

    Isuela Portofino Marine Park, Italy


    La Grotta Dei Gamberi Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Tonino?s favourite dive is "La Grotta Dei Gamberi" (The Cavern of the Shrimps) because of its abundance of pelagic animals like the tuna, big groupers and dentix. He also loves the smaller animals ? this dive is called after the massive families of white shrimps which live here. In front of the cave…

    Mohawk deer Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Mohawk deer wreck

    Casa del Sindaco (Mayor’s… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    A dive site for experienced divers, with a suggested average depth around 30 m. Hereyou’ll meet a canyon paved in clear sand, some shark’s eggs and, at 50 m depth, the falseblack coral (Gerardia savaglia): a true rarity for the Promontory.

    Scoglio dell’Altare (Altar… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Below the slope around 30 m depth a sharpvertical canyon opens like the bed of a river.Here, the richest population of the precious redcoral (Corallium rubrum) in the Marine Parkcarpets the walls. Red and yellow gorgonians(Paramuricea clavata and Eunicella cavolinii) arealso present.

    Scoglio del Diamante (Diamond… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    Large rocks between 30 and 40 m depth create alandscape of small caves and tight passages. Large redgorgonians (Paramuricea clavata) are dominating,while groupers and forkbeard hide in the holes.

    Testa del Leone (Lion’s… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    At a 9m depth a large horizontal fracture opens in thewall from which spring water flows to the sea. Deeperthan 30 m, large rocks and holes are perfect andinteresting refuges for congers, forkbeard andgroupers.

    Scoglio del Raviolo (Raviolo… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    It’s a vertical wall covered by yellow gorgonians(Eunicella cavolini) down to a 15 m depth, thenbecoming a more gentle slope with scatteredrocks harbouring red gorgonians (Paramuriceaclavata). A few caves carpeted with Astroidescalycularis, sponges and tube worms can be seen.

    Targa Gonzatti (Gonzatti Tag) Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    goldline, breams, moray eels and octopuses arecommon in this site. Along the slope, large rockscovered by encrusting species , nudibranchesdominating the landscape. At deeper levels redsea fans (Paramuricea clavata) are present.

    Secca Gonzatti (Gonzatti… Portofino Marine Park, Italy

    On its northern side a large plateauconnects the shoal to the main wall. Mulletand goldline are common encounters onthis bottom. The southern slope is a deepand vertical wall bearing a small terracecovered by Posidonia oceanica atapproximately 25 m depth.

    Croce Croce, Italy


    franata di corniglia Franata di corniglia, Italy


    Il Canalone Il Canalone, Italy

    Il panettone Il panettone, Italy


    Il Pifferaio Il Pifferaio, Italy

    Attention: Marine Park since 2007, ACCESS WITH RESTRICTIONS.

    Milford Haven Wreck Milford Haven Wreck, Italy

    The biggest Wreck in the mediteranean sea.The Tanker Amoco Milford haven sunk the 14 April 1991.The supertanker Haven was launched in Cadiz during 1973: she was 335m-long, 52m-wide, with a maximum capacity of 230000 tonsThe complete name of the tanker was Amoco Milford Haven and a true spell was…

    Secca del Garage Secca del Garage, Italy