Dive in Italy

Diving packages in Italy

1 Single Dive

This package includes: - Dive Guide - Tank - Weights It does not include: - Membership Card (mandatory), which covers for insurance: +5 EUR - Full Dive Gear rental (Jacket, Regs, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Boots): +20 EUR

1 dive

1 Boat Dive in the Protected Marine Park, Portofino.Equipment hire - 30€ English speaking guide. inc of all taxes, marine park entry fee and lots of fun


10 BOAT DIVES, PORTOFINO AND WRECKS FROM LIGURIA, NITROX FOR FREE AND GUIDE. The name Portofino derives from the Latin Porteus Delfinus, which means port of dolphins, and it is a natural heaven and harbor for the yachts of the rich and famous.

Ustica Day Trip

2 dive in 1 day!! The island of Ustica is a rocky cliff of about 9 sq km, with its Marine Reserve, preserving a wealth of natural, historical and cultural heritage of inestimable value to be discovered in all its fascinating aspects and secrets. Above, as beautiful as rugged and pristine ... under a sea of ​​glass that reflects the spectacular volcanic geological forms of appearance of Ustica:…

One day diving

Dive with us in the Gulf of Orosei. The price for 1 day diving is 70 euro, this include 2 guided dives, tanks and weight belt. Extra 10€ for Wreck or Cave diving.

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