Dive in Sardinia

Diving packages in Sardinia

1 Single Night Dive

This package includes: - Dive Guide - Tank - Weights It does not include: - Membership Card (mandatory), which covers for insurance: +5 EUR - Full Dive Gear rental (Jacket, Regs, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins, Boots): +20 EUR

2 Dive in 1 Day

Double dive per day is €86 + Equipment Rental is €15 per day per person + Plus €5 for Park fee per dive Even with strong winds there is always a place to dive thanks to the small outlying islands and protected bays. There are strict park regulations to follow so please ask how to comply. The Marine Reserve has buoys for easy dive entry and exit. However there are many other sites…

2 Dive in 1 Day

Two tanks dive at Caprera island incl. tanks, weights, snack, drink, guide. Explore our marine fauna in: - Isola Santo Stefano. - Caprera. - Isola Delle Bisce.

1 Day 2 Dives

Our dive sites are all in front of the coast and reachable in 5 minutes navigation more or less, so we don’t need to organize fulldays. The price for 2 dives in 1 day is 86 Euros each diver + 15 Euros for equipment for 2 dives + 5 Euros for association membership for each diver.

7 nights with 10 dives package

7 nights stay in a nice small studio located 2 min walk to the dive facilities and center of the lovely seaside village of Palau, large choice of nice Italian restaurants, little shops, caf

Travel to Sardinia

With the multitude of perpendicular cliffs and submerged caves, Sardinia makes for atonishing cave dives. The big caves of Nereo and Falco are the most famous, and most frequented, mainly due to the fact that the areas are so large it could take three dives to see all of Nereo. Even more spectacular are the caves of Portico, Belvedere and Cerianthus in the area of the holed island, Foradadda, famous for its enormous cave passages. The caves of Tunnel and Sifone are in the Sommergibile, or "Submarine" area, a 35meter deep rock projection gaining its name for its resemblance to a sunken submarine. The coral cling to the cave rooves and canyon walls of this area, and one can find the typical mediterranean marine life: barracudas, breams, groupers, octopi, tuna, scorpion fish, parrotfish, etc.

  • The Nasello Wreck

    The Nasello Wreck
  • Spargiottello

  • Flabellina nudibranch

    Flabellina nudibranch
  • Beltorrente Cavern

    Beltorrente Cavern
  • red scorpionfish - Monaci Rocks

    red scorpionfish - Monaci Rocks
  • The Nasello Wreck

    The Nasello Wreck
  • Your Classroom

    Your Classroom
  • peltodoris atromaculata

    peltodoris atromaculata
  • KT12 Wreck The Cannon

    KT12 Wreck The Cannon
  • leaving for dive

    leaving for dive
  • KT12 Wreck

    KT12 Wreck
  • Airplane engine - Spargi

    Airplane engine - Spargi