Dive in Sardinia


    Secca Del Papa Tavolara, Italy

    One of the best sites in Italy and the whole Mediterranean Sea : you can find can almost all the marine species of the Mediterranean Sea but, above all, groupers and barracudas.Call this diving for more info: http://www.centrosubtavolara.com/
    Two dive spots: Light House and Engine
    KT12 Wreck

    KT12 Wreck Sardinia, Italy

    THEKT12 WreckThe wreck of the german, armed cargo ship was sunken the 10th of June 1943. The torpedo fired by the british submarine Safari broke away the bow of the vessel and lies about 300 yard/meter away from the main wreck. This wreck is considered one of the most beautiful of the mediterrean…
    KT12 Wreck

    KT12 Wreck The Bow Sardinia, Italy

    THE KT12 BOWWhen the KT12 was torpedoed the third torpedo hit the boat on the very bow and snatched it off. The bow lies now on 33 meter of depth about 300 meters/yards away from the main wreck and is not so often visitated as the bow is difficoult to find due his size. Not beeing frequently dived…
    The Nasello Wreck

    Nasello Wreck Sardinia, Italy

    THE NASELLO WRECKThis wreck is a 150ft/45mt. long german cargo vessel sunken in the 3rd of march 1943 by the british submarine Safari. It's depth is 110ft/33mt. and she rest on her port side on a sandy bottom.This dive is usually the first of three we do in this region of the Gulf of orosei, the two…
    Biankas Garden Gorgonia

    Biankas Garden Sardinia, Italy

    BIANCAS GARDENNamed after a long time client who was with us on a discovery dive, this dive site impresses with its abundance of sea fans and sponges that makes it looks like a garden. Starting at 16 meters/ 50 feet, this ancient volcanic lava flow gently slopes down to about 24 meters/75 feet in a…
    Your Classroom

    Punta nera di Osala Sardinia, Italy

    PUNTA NERA DI OSALAThe perfect place for (not only) beginners, this site has a depth of 20-50 feet allowing long and relaxed dives to enjoy the abundance of marine life and colours.
    Flabellina nudibranch
    Secca di Punta Nera di OsalaThis shoal arise from a sandy bottom several meters up in various rocks and layers.his place is nicely covered with marine life and it is a special place to find nudibranches.In September we will encounter big schools of Barracudas and Amberjacks
    Beltorrente Cavern

    Beltorrente Cave Sardinia, Italy

    GROTTA DELLE OSTRICHE OR BELTORRENTEThe Cavern of the Oysters is the entrance to a huge submerged cavern system. This cave has his name from the ancient fossilized oysters covering some part of the walls This is are a safe and easy first step to get a first impression of the world of cavern and cave…
    La Galleria Cavern

    La Galleria Cave Sardinia, Italy

    LA GALLERIA CAVERNAnother entrance to a vaste cave system still under exploration. We limit us on the first meters to enjoy the beautiful rock formations

    Punta Guardiano Isola Serpentara, Italy

    You moor boat close to the island shore.Granitic shore slopes downward to the sand bottom at 30mt.Between granitic boulders you find morays and octopuses.Groupers are a guaranteed encounter, depending on the drift you may also see dentex, sea bream, barracudas.

    Scoglio del Bottiglione Isola Serpentara, Italy

    Coticcio La Maddalena, Italy

    Amphores, Rocks, lobsters

    Galera La Maddalena, Italy

    Parts of a wreck of a fishermans boat, scorpionfish, roman amphores

    Punta Tegge La Maddalena, Italy

    Beautiful granite rock formations. Lots of scorpion fish, octopus, slipper crabs.

    Spalmatore La Maddalena, Italy

    Beautiful sandy area with sea grass and jellyfish. Very relaxing.

    Spargiotto Island La Maddalena, Italy

    Rock formations, spider crabs, moray eels, groupers

    Washington Rock La Maddalena, Italy

    One of the best dive site in La Maddalena marine park

    Angelika Wreck La Maddalena, Italy

    A nice and easy Cargo ship located 40 min. boat ride from Palau. For all level as the cabin is only at 10 mtrs.

    Grouper city / Lavezzi La Maddalena, Italy

    Famous dive site to meet large groupers !

    Gli Archetti Oristano, Italy

    Good Dive, you can pass under many little archs populated by many Corals