Dive in England


    Capernwray Quarry North West,

    Good viz mid-week, poor at weekends due to large numbers of divers.
    Deep Training

    Wondergat Wondergat, South Africa

    Approximately 60km from Lichtenburg and 30km from Mafikeng in the North West Province at an altitude of approximately 1440m above sea level, one will find an unbelievable natural dolomite sinkhole called Wondergat. Wondergat is the deepest natural hole in the interior of South Africa, and is used…

    NDAC West Midlands,

    This site offers excellent inland diving.

    Wraysburgh South East,

    The dive site is open lake with a few cargo containers and a subway tube sunk for the deep section along with training platforms and the usual cars and boats as well

    Manacles Cornwall, Great Britain

    A large reef system that includes fifty wrecks and several shallow pinnacles. Ideal for divers of all levels as you can pick your depth. Can only be dived by boat and it must be during 'slack' water otherwise the currents can be very strong.Wrecks include Mohegan, Spyrydion Vagliano, Lady Dalhousie…

    Babbacombe Beach South West,

    nice pebble beach, pier full of fishermen, lovely spot, good pub and cafe, with small car park.

    Barn Pool South West,

    Bread & Butter Cove South West,

    Bread & Butter cove is a site to do when all else are blown out, but it certainly isn't second best. It teems with interesting sea life on the boulders scattered over the sandy seabed

    Breakwater Beach South West,


    Challaborough Bay South West,

    The dive site is an easy access dive site used by Tai Diving located at the holiday park for training and underwater photography.Weather major factor as wind can cause the dive to be canceled as it blows straight into the bay causing strong rip and under currents.Marine life is good dog fish/shark…

    Cita South West,

    The Cita sank in September 1996, it was bound from Southampton to Belfast, but didn't turn right as it got past the Lizzard in Cornwall and piled up on St Marys in the Scillies. For a couple of weeks it was hung up on the rocks, but gradually slipped back and now the bows remain shallow, but the…

    Eddystone Lighthouse South West,

    You can find any depth round the rocks. If a tide is running, tuck into the lee of the rocks.

    Fylrix MV Wreck South West,

    British coaster (637 tons) built in 1962, 61m x 8m. Sunk 21/11/1984.
    British steamer (690 tons) built in 1928, 45m x 7m. Deliberately sunk in 1970.

    Hand Deeps South West,

    Depths from 7m to 57m. A similar rocky outcrop to that which bears the Eddystone Lighthouse, but this one does not break the surface.Beautiful marine life, and usually good viz.

    HMS Montague South West,

    14,000 ton Battleship, lost 29th May 1906 in Fog.Much scattered & broken up, but armour plate still to be found

    HMS Scylla South West,

    HMS Scylla (F71) was a Leander-class frigate of the Royal Navy (RN). She was built at Devonport Royal Dockyard and was the last RN frigate to be built at the Dockyard so far. Scylla was launched in August 1968 and commissioned in 1970. It was the start of a long and eventful career that ended with…
    7.176 ton US Liberty ship, built 1944. 441ftx57ft. 2500hp triple-expansion engines. Armed: Bow and stern guns, plus 5 AA. 4.500 tons war supplies, tank parts, lorries, jeeps, railway rolling stock, US Army engineers' stores, New York for Ghent, via Barry. Sunk: 21 March, 1945, after hit in starboard…

    Leadstone South West,

    On the Eastern (seaward) side an underwater amphitheatre dropping to 20m. The constant currents in this area provide nutrients to support a large variety of life.Use of an SMB and Buddy line are advised.

    Lulworth Cove South West,

    Maine (SS) South West,

    The wreck of the S.S. Maine is owned by Torbay BSAC, who salvaged the bronze propeller to help fund the purchase of a dive boat. Later, then spare steel propeller was recovered, and displayed in a shopping complex in Paignton. Unfortunately, the council redeveloped the site, and gave the propeller…

    Meadfoot Beach South West,

    Good site for first open water dives and sheltered water training.More advanced divers can access the Morris Rogue from here, but it's a good swim!USE A SURFACE MARKER BUOY! Close inshore is inside the 5kt limit for boat traffic during the summer, so good and safe, but if going further off shore, or…

    Mewstone South West,

    The East side of the rock has boulders & gullies with a wide variety of life. To the South is a drop-off that is almost a wall.As it is close to the mouth of the river Dart, it can be a little silty, so watch your buoyancy control. Visibility can be low after rain when the Dart carries a lot of…

    Mewstone (Plymouth) South West,

    The site consists of a series of rocky gullies that stand 5m off the seabed and are 2 to 3m wide.Beautiful marine life, Echinoderms & Holothurians abound. Find Dogfish, Cuttlefish, Thornback Rays. Take a torch to look in the little crevices.

    Morris Rogue South West,

    A rock, not a wreck, despite the name! Lots of interesting life, can be a trifle silty. Easy to find 6m depth for early OW dives, CBL training etc.Experienced divers can swim from shore, but novices should do this as a boat dive

    Mudstone Ledges South West,

    A wide spread area of large rocks and broken shell seabed. A wide variety of sessile marine life, plus lots of crustaceans and fish.

    Orestone Rock South West,

    The Orestone has a variety of rocky ledges all round, going down to 25m on the Eastern side.A tunnel through the rock has a narrow tunnel (1.5m) on the South West side going through to a 4m wide cavern on the North West side. You can see through it at extreme low water springs, but the rest of the…

    Plymouth Breakwater South West,


    Porthkerris South West,

    Portland Harbour South West,

    This Harbour provides access to various wrecks, drift dives for all levels. There are various boat operations with ribs tending to provide access to closer dive sites and hard boats for those further out. Inside the Harbour I dived the Countess of Earn. Vis was good and at 14m and inside the harbour…

    Raglan Reef South West,

    The outermost point of 'the Manacles' rises from a sandy bottom 42 m below. The water is quite (by UK standards), and the scenarie + life is astounding.By far my best dive in the UK!Because the Manacles lie in the English Channel, the correct timing with the tide is essential.Don't try this dive…

    Shoalstone Beach South West,

    Access to the water is down some concrete steps with hand rail to sea front, followed by a small step down onto the rocks. A careful scramble foreword where you may find a large flat-top rock which is ideal to sit on for final kitting up before entry. A reasonably short surface swim to desired depth…

    Swanage Pier South West,


    Thatcherís Rock South West,

    Shallow rocky reefs all round the rock, especially good for crustaceans on the East side, watch for boat traffic on the North side (The Gut)

    The Ridges South West,

    An interesting low rocky reef with abundant life. Look for crustaceans - hermit crabs & squat lobsters and many moluscs from netted dog whelks to large whelks. Many varieties of anenome and sessile holothurians. In the sandy/muddy areas look for heart sea urchins. There are some sea grass areas, so…

    USS Illinois South West,

    The USS Illinois was a tanker (steamship) built in 1903, sunk by the German submarine UC-21 on March 18th, 1917. This is one of the best wrecks in the UK, as it lies upright and has not been broken in two. British explorer Leigh Bishop and Bob Hughes (www.deepimage.co.uk) have explored it…

    Vobster Quay South West,

    Old quary now flooded with wrecks of boats, planes, old mine buildings. Damn cold ~ 9 deg C on surface!

    Buckland Lake South East,

    Small section of a larger lake great for training and try dives. Silty bottom gets very stirred up when busy so vis is at times almost non existent. A couple of interesting surprises in the water.

    Cuba South East,

    11,000 ton French liner, used as troopship. Sunk 6 April, 1945, by a torpedo from U-1195, which lies nearby. 32m deep with wreckage standing upright 14m proud. Piles of steel plates and girders on very large site. Viz can be poor.

    HMS Pine South East,

    Wreck of 530 ton Tree class armed trawler. Badly damaged in an attack by E-boats on 31 January 1944, whilst escorting a convoy 10 miles south east of Beachy Head. For some unknown reason ship was towed towards Portsmouth instead of Newhaven. Ship was too badly damaged and sank six miles from Selsey…

    HMS Prince Leopold South East,

    Former Belgian ship converted to an Infantry landing Ship. Sunk by U261 on 29 July 1944. Intact Bofors gun on rear of ship. Beware of live depth charges on wreck.

    Horsea Island South East,

    Salt water inland dive site

    Indiana South East,

    Wreck of 2266 ton British steamer laden with oranges and lemons. Sank after colliding with German cross-atlantic steamer Washington in fog on 1 March 1901. Nice shallow wreck, wreckage is spreadout, but fish life is pretty good for UK.
    Good site for practice and to look at the fishes there and also there a few objects to look at as well.

    Mixon Hole South East,

    Dive site is a former river bed. Above the river banks is thought to be the site of a Roman fortress, which had a catapult. In river bed are large stones thought to be shot from the catapult. Dive is a nice drift dive, but beware currents can be strong, sometimes pushing you deeper.

    Newhaven West Arm South East,

    Oceana South East,

    This is the wreck of the P+O liner built in 1888. ALthough currents a minor, watch for tidal effects

    Shag Rock South East,

    The Far Mulberry South East,

    WW2 Wreck of a Mulberry Harbour unit. Nice site with lots of fish life. Built in 1943 and sunk in 1944.

    U1195 South East,

    Wreck of VIIC U-boat. Sank by depth charges from HMS Watchman after sinking 11,000 ton SS Cuba on 06/04/45. Thirty-two died, but eighteen escaped from U-boat. The boats captain Ernst Cordes was amongst those that died. The U-boat also is believed to be responsible for sinking the James Eagan Lane.…

    Dosthill Quarry East Midlands,

    Basic facilities,24m of depth with 3m, 6m and 20m scaffold shelfs near jump in.Objects include several vans, cruiser, hydroplane,several barges, caravan, blockhouse, and a few cars.Swimming back shallow (6m) on west side usually guarantees an encounter with large pike in clear visibility.Viz can be…

    Stoney Cove East Midlands,

    An old quarry, which is floded by a fresh water spring, giving the perfekt place to try out new kit.Plenty of strange wrecks have been sunk there, including boats, airplanes, helicopters, buses, cars, etc...There are also some fishes and crayfish in the cove.A nice day out at an easily dived dive…

    Beadnell North East,

    For knacker hole just follow the reef wall on your right out to the point and back, or around the point into lady hole.For Lady Hole just follow the reef wall on your left or right until the bottom becomes hard stone and no sand.Then turn away from the wall and you will shortly reach the opposite…

    Brown's Bay North East,

    3 sunken wrecks.

    St Abbs Harbour North East,

    I've heard that there is a wreck quite close to the shore? Will update after my fist visit here

    Bailif wood North West,

    this is a good first time and training dive site Good wall spit out from shore very good night dive
    Can't fault the site facilities, but Vis is usually poor and there isn't much to see. You could see all the attractions in a day.

    Wastwater North West,

    Wastwater is 3 miles long and half a mile wide. There are plently of places for entry. A good place for training with lots of different depths.

    Eight Acres Yorkshire and Humberside,

    Typical quarry with pretty poor vis. Dive site owner very amenable and helpful.

    Ellerton Yorkshire and Humberside,

    A large lake with a few sunken objects. 5m platform for training. Things to see include pipes taht can be swam through,Transit Van and 2 small boats.

    Anglersee Br¸hl Anglersee Bruehl, Germany

    Baggersee Eggenstein Baggersee Eggenstein, Germany

    Only on weekdaysNo night divingNo training

    Baggersee Grˆtzingen Baggersee Groetzingen, Germany

    Baggersee Linkenheim Baggersee Linkenheim, Germany

    Binsfeld Gaensedreck Binsfeld Gaensedreck, Germany

    Registration required!

    Brechtsee Brechtsee, Germany

    Erlichsee Erlichsee, Germany

    hemmenhofen Hemmenhofen, Germany

    very easy entry. first sandy and stony, then lake plants. first hundred meters flat, 0 - 2m. good for training or diving with children. after 100 meters it slopes down to 13 - 16m. look out for funny toilet bowl (6m). you might see some eels if you¥re luc

    Matschelsee Matschelsee, Germany

    Interresting dive Site for the region. The lake belong a privat person. It may be ask entrance fees.

    Meersburg F‰hre Meersburg Faehre, Germany

    Rheinbach Indoor Pool Rheinbach Indoor Pool, Germany

    Nagoldtalsperre Nagoldtalsperre, Germany

    actually only good for training. platform on 5m. one fish if you¥re lucky. otherwise nothing special.

    Riedsee Riedsee, Germany

    Sankt Leoner See Sankt Leoner See, Germany

    Silbersee Silbersee, Germany

    Streitkˆpflesee Linkenheim Streitkoepflesee Linkenheim, Germany

    good visibility and one of the better divespots in the region

    Vogelstangsee Vogelstangsee, Germany

    Untergrombach Untergrombach, Germany

    Waidsee Waidsee, Germany

    Walthersee Walthersee, Germany