Wondergat, North West

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Approximately 60km from Lichtenburg and 30km from Mafikeng in the North West Province at an altitude of approximately 1440m above sea level, one will find an unbelievable natural dolomite sinkhole called Wondergat. Wondergat is the deepest natural hole in the interior of South Africa, and is used for advanced scuba diving as well as a training ground for instructors and technical divers. It is a very popular dive site in South Africa and there is a saying that you haven’t dived until you dived at Wondergat…

Thousands of years ago, Wondergat was a waterfilled cavern until the roof caved in and left a magnificent hole filled with water. In the early 70 ‘s the deepest point at this dive site was more than 70 meters and today it’s only 58 meters.

  • Wondergat dive Map

    Wondergat dive Map
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