Dive in British Columbia


    Ansell Place Ansell Place, Canada

    The access to this site can be slightly difficult as you need to go down wooden steps, climb down rock steps and cross tidal rocks.

    Bowyer Island Bowyer Island, Canada

    China Creek Wreck China Creek Wreck, Canada

    The wreck is accessible by starting off from campsite No 44. Beach entry headed south go to depth contour 80 Ft and turn right following that depth. You will hit the wreck within 5-10 min. This was a chinese fishing vessel bringing over refugees.

    Albert Head Lagoon Vancouver Island, Canada

    A very nice dive location, very calm (No current): Good for beginers & cool divers. Abundant marine life (many anemones, octopuses...).

    Bear Cove Vancouver Island, Canada

    This location should really be done as a night dive, in order to avoid the problem of boat traffic. Other than that, this is one of the easiest places to get in and out of the water.

    Braemar Avenue Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is very good for beginners. Not good for wheel chairs as you need to take the stairs down to the beach. But from the parking area to the beach is less than 50 feet.

    Break Water Island Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is sensitive to current. It has an interesting rock structure, with homes for a few wolf eels. I'd rate this dive between standard and good.

    Browning Pass Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is one of Vancouver Island's best cold water dive spots.Mild currents wash additional nutrients into this pass creating anabundance of wild life and coral.There is a wreck nearby which hasbecome home to wolf eels and several deep drop off walls.Queen Charlotte Strait supports one of the earths…

    China Creek Wall Vancouver Island, Canada

    The wall is readily visible from shore and requires little effort to get there.Visibility is good and there are interesting artefacts to view, like a phone both and a small boat and a tug boat.There is little in the way of life, but you will see some rat fish.

    Clover Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site is sensitive to current. But it does contain quite a bit of life, but not as much as Ogden Point.

    Copper Cliffs Vancouver Island, Canada

    This sight is best dove at slack tide. But well worth it given the abundance of life, and especially the thousands of Strawberry Anemones that coat many of the rocks and boulders.

    Deep Cove Vancouver Island, Canada

    There are a couple of rock outcroppings that start at about 10 feet [3 m] deep and one descends to about 50 feet below the surface, and the other descends to over 90 feet below the surface. There is also the bay to the east to explore.

    Discovery Island Western Wall Vancouver Island, Canada

    It is best to go with someone who has dove this site before. The top of this wall is interesting as well, but it can be difficult to anchor here and then to find the wall.

    Dolphin Beach Vancouver Island, Canada


    Elliot's Beach Park Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is quite nice as far as the entry goes, and there are out-houses here. This is a nice beach with picnic tables as well.Swim along the left side of the beach out to the point, and beyond.

    Forest Island - North End Vancouver Island, Canada


    GB Church Vancouver Island, Canada

    This wreck is mostly protected from the island that it resides beside. Portland Island. Although you may feel current at the surface, once below 10 metres [30 feet] there is usually very little or no current.

    Henderson Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site may not look the best initially, but over the course of a year many species can be found here. Access is fairly easy, but the last few feet to the water is steep decent of about 10 feet.

    Hmcs Cape Breton Vancouver Island, Canada

    The HMCS Cape Breton (ARE 100) was built in 1944-45 in British Columbia by the Burrard Drydock Company and served in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy as Flamborough Head. In 1951 she returned to Canada under the ownership of the Royal Canadian Navy, renamed Cape Breton and re-assigned as a training…

    HMCS Saskatchewan Vancouver Island, Canada

    HMCS Saskatchewan was a Mackenzie-class DestroyerEscort of 366-feet (111 metres), 2900 tons.Sunk in 1997.

    Kyen point Vancouver Island, Canada

    A double pinnacle with a nice shallow sand channel in the middle. Lots of invertebrate life and fish. Occassionally a skate. Wolf eel and octopus are hanging around often and ratfish can be seen here too

    Madrona Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    There are two walls here. One as you enter the water, and a much deeper wall whose top starts at about 40 feet and descends below 100 feet. The second wall most western end can be found at roughly 360 degrees magnetic north.

    Maple Bay Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is quite an easy dive. It featues rock reefs, docks, a large field of old glass bottles.Sealife consists of giant pacific octopi, ruby octopi, rock cod, rock crab, kelp crab.Visibility can be poor in the summer months, but it also comes with an abundance of bioluminescent plankton, which makes…

    McKenzie Bight Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site does require a walk of approximately 5 minutes. And a rocky trail leads down to the gravel beach. Once you are in the water there are some walls, but not much life on them. There is more life in the gravel. This site is more well known for one of the few places that the Six Gill…

    McNeill Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    Very nice shore dive. Just take care of sea urchins and tides.

    Mosses Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site despite is shallowness, can sometimes be worth it. But it depends on the season and weather conditions.

    Neck Point Vancouver Island, Canada


    Ogden Point Breakwater Vancouver Island, Canada

    The Ogden Point Breakwater is an 800-metre long breakwater constructed of stacked granite blocks and concrete. Although the breakwater is a marine sanctuary, line fishing is allowed; be alert for fishing gear on the bottom and overzealous boaters.There are five dive flags painted near the top of the…

    Pill point wall Vancouver Island, Canada


    Port McNeill Vancouver Island, Canada

    This site was more popular in the past when the pier existed. But there is still enough life here, to make it worth while.

    Quadra Island Vancouver Island, Canada

    Renate's reef Vancouver Island, Canada

    A rather larger pinnacle that has wolf eels, giant pacific octopus, schools of rock fish, nudibranches and much much more.

    Rendezvous House Reef Vancouver Island, Canada

    An area marked by varied terrain from sand aeras with giant nudibranchs and Co-soles to rock formations with walls. Generally many invertebrates and fish species and even six gill sharks on occassion. Great for an afternoon dive or night dive after the usual boat dives

    Rocky Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    The water quality varies here quite a bit. So, this location may only be good some of the time, partly because it is shallow here. If the conditions are not good above 50 feet, then you should dive Neck Point or Dolphin Beach.

    Saltery Bay Boat Launch Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is a pretty good dive site. One of the few places you can easily see Ratfish during the day. And also this is wheelchair accessible. Just have to be careful about the boats.

    Saxe Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is a shallow dive site, with lots of parking. To enter the water follow the trail to the north west of the parking lot down to the beach. The wall starts almost at the surface and can be followed both to the left and right once you are in the water.

    Sidney Waterfront Vancouver Island, Canada

    This dive site is hard to predict slack current for. An artificial reef exists here, of hollow concrete half spheres. There is also the wreck of a small sail boat. But despite this dive sites problems this can be an interesting dive.

    Snake Island Vancouver Island, Canada

    Snake island is a Bird Sanctuary, and home to approx 200 Harbour Seals. Great snorkeling & scuba.

    Ten Mile Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is one of Victoria's best diving locations, and is accessible by shore. But because of the currents here, it is better done as a boat dive. Only sometimes, does the current here actually stop. And usually not for long. Of course, it is because of the current here that there is so much life at…

    Tyler rock Vancouver Island, Canada

    Tyler rock is a pinnacle that comes up from surrounding deep waters.It is one of the sites inBC where six gill sharks can be found in the summer. There is always great life and a swimm through covered with anemones. In the shoulder seasons sea lions may come a check you out.

    Vanlene Vancouver Island, Canada

    The Vanlene went down in 1972 and the ship was loaded with Dodge Colts (cars) the bow is pretty much smashed up into the rocks and in a big kelp field. The midsectionlies in about 16 meter and has a big boiler standing up. The stern section which is most intact is in about 27 meter and has still…

    Willis Point Vancouver Island, Canada

    When you get to the actual water at the end of the fire lane you need to be careful as there is some algae on the rocks. A stream keeps this entry point wet so care is required to descend that last 8 feet or so.

    Xihwu (Key-Quot) Vancouver Island, Canada

    "By virtue of her being only 37 feet high, the artificial reef will be able to offer divers the opportunity to do penetration dives shallower than 70 feet. This makes for an ideal diving training environment. With the main deck at over 80 feet in most cases and the bulk of the artificial reef below…

    Coopers Green Coopers Green, Canada

    Cooper's Green dive site is located in a small park at Cooper's Green in Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt. It is right beside a boat launching site, though it is well signed for the boaters to stay to the north side of the launch. There is also a small marina there. There is a small island about 50 meters off…

    Kelvin Grove Kelvin Grove, Canada


    Nakwakto Rapids Nakwakto Rapids, Canada

    The 300 metre wide channel of the Nakwakto Rapids is like a liquidmaelstrom, the tides rush in and out and currents drag unwitting diversacross the rocky rapids.The tide, squeezing through the narrow channel, goes out every fiveor six hours allowing a short period of calm, and this is when the…

    Pam Rocks Pam Rocks, Canada


    Porteau Cove Porteau Cove, Canada

    Provicial marine park, there is number of small wrecks to see, lots of fish life. Easy access with changing rooms / washrooms

    Portier Pass Portier Pass, Canada


    Whytecliff Park Whytecliff Park, Canada

    The original name was White Cliff City. In 1914, Colonel Albert Whyte pressed for the spelling change from White Cliff City to Whytecliff.The park is currently home to more than 200 marine animal species and is the first Marine Protected Area in Canada. Sea lions can be seen sunbathing on the beach…

    Renate's Reef Barkley Sound, Canada

    There are many individual dives to try out in Barkley Sound, severalwreck dives among them.The one I remember most was on Renate’s Reef inthe Imperial Eagle Channel.Barkley Sound is known for abundant life,all the guide books say it ‘teems’, but the pinnacle of Renate’s…

    Hornby Rocks Barkley Sound, Canada

    Hornby Rocks is another very memorable local dive.In the mouth of theBarkley Sound, the guides joke about next stop being Japan but they’re notwrong, this is a very exposed but shallow spot but the patch of seafloor here is covered in bright orange anemones and yellowish spongesand fish of all…

    Hankin Island Barkley Sound, Canada

    Hankin Island is another colourful spot.This one is a shallow diveguest starring crabs, starfish and nudibranchs and more anemones.