Nakwakto Rapids

Nakwakto Rapids, British Columbia

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Dive Nakwakto Rapids

Drift Wall

The 300 metre wide channel of the Nakwakto Rapids is like a liquid maelstrom, the tides rush in and out and currents drag unwitting divers across the rocky rapids.
The tide, squeezing through the narrow channel, goes out every five or six hours allowing a short period of calm, and this is when the best diving is done. It’s surprising that anything can live amongst the tumultuous water, but all sorts of life clings on to the rocks and the rope sized kelp. Tube worms, sea slugs, sponge, sea stars and pink anemones embed themselves in the rocks. There are also beds of shiny mussels clinging onto the rocks.
Divers enter the water ONLY at slack tide. Specific warning from divemaster to keep the island on the left, drop to 25-35 feet, and at 12-15 minutes into the dive exist on the lee side of the island. Failure to do so and there is no chance to fight current and beginning whirlpools which will sweep you deep into the boat channel. The reason to dive is to view large collection of gooseneck barnacles.

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