Hmcs Cape Breton

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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The HMCS Cape Breton (ARE 100) was built in 1944-45 in British Columbia by the Burrard Drydock Company and served in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy as Flamborough Head. In 1951 she returned to Canada under the ownership of the Royal Canadian Navy, renamed Cape Breton and re-assigned as a training vessel at Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1958 she sailed for Esquimalt, B.C. and was converted to an escort maintenance vessel. Cape Breton was re-enrolled on November 16, 1959 and served as a repair ship at least until February 10, 1964 when she was paid off into reserve.

The HMCS Cape Breton was a 411 ft. escort maintenance ship and sunk October 20, 2001 in 145' ft.of water. The largest diver prepared artificial reef on the coast, its crows nest can be reached at 40 ft., top of funnel 50 ft., captains quarters 85 ft., for and aft decks at 100 ft. and the engine room reached at a depth of 140 ft.

Specifications (from Wikipedia):

* Commissined: 1944; 1952

* Paid off: 1952; 1964

* Displacement: 8580 tons

* Length: 441 feet

* Width: 57 feet

* Draught: 20 feet

* Top Speed: 11 knots

* Crew: 270

* Armament: none

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