Dive in Barkley Sound

    Renate's Reef Barkley Sound, Canada

    There are many individual dives to try out in Barkley Sound, severalwreck dives among them.The one I remember most was on Renate’s Reef inthe Imperial Eagle Channel.Barkley Sound is known for abundant life,all the guide books say it ‘teems’, but the pinnacle of Renate’s…

    Hornby Rocks Barkley Sound, Canada

    Hornby Rocks is another very memorable local dive.In the mouth of theBarkley Sound, the guides joke about next stop being Japan but they’re notwrong, this is a very exposed but shallow spot but the patch of seafloor here is covered in bright orange anemones and yellowish spongesand fish of all…

    Hankin Island Barkley Sound, Canada

    Hankin Island is another colourful spot.This one is a shallow diveguest starring crabs, starfish and nudibranchs and more anemones.