Ogden Point Breakwater

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Dive Ogden Point Breakwater

Deep Wall

The Ogden Point Breakwater is an 800-metre long breakwater constructed of stacked granite blocks and concrete. Although the breakwater is a marine sanctuary, line fishing is allowed; be alert for fishing gear on the bottom and overzealous boaters.

There are five dive flags painted near the top of the west side of the breakwater, with corresponding bronze plaques at the bottom stone of the breakwater directly in line with each flag. The plaques provide a description of the marine life in the area, and the compass bearing to the next plaque.

Entry is from the beach, breakwater or dive boat. Caution must be exercised when entering from the breakwater due to the barnacles and concrete blocks obscured by bull kelp.

Beach to Flag 1: Mixed cobble and sand bottom, shallowing slowly to 8 metres.

Flag 1: 8 metres depth, sand bottom.

Flag 2: 8 - 17 metres depth, sand bottom.

Flag 3: 17 - 20 metres depth, sand bottom.

Flag 4: 22 - 25 metres depth, sand bottom, rubble below 9 metres.

Flag 5: 28 - 35 metres depth, mud, sand bottom, tumbled granite blocks.

The marine life in this area is abundant and varied. Expect to see the following: Sleeping Canary, Tiger, Black, Yellowtail, Puget Sound and Quillback Rockfish, Octopus, Harbour Seals, Dogfish, Rat Fish, Wolf Eels, Black Eye Gobys greenling, lingcod, Perch, Flounder, Kelp Greenling, Grunt Sculpins, Decorated Warbonnets, Mosshead Warbonnets, Burrowing Sea Cucumbers, Chitons, Hairy Lithoide Crabs, Brittle Stars, Metrudium and Plumose Anemones, Abalone, Crab, Puget Sound King Crab , Swimming Scallops, Ghost Shrimp, and Nudibranchs.

There is a dive shop, the Odgen Point Dive Shop, located at the end of the breakwater where you can conveniently get air and rental gear.

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