Dive in Western Australia

    MV Petrel Rockingham, Australia


    Busselton Jetty Busselton, Australia

    Jetty #1 Cervantes, Australia

    Lancelin Reef Cervantes, Australia

    Wedge Island Cervantes, Australia

    Bunker bay Dunsborough, Australia

    dive site itself is great, lots to see and gets quite deep, depth adds a feel to this site that isn't easily replicated. the reef is a mix of limestone outcrops and massive( like 10m high massive) boulders that look really cool in pictures. great whites have been spoted here on occasion but i think…

    H.M.A.S. Swan Dunsborough, Australia

    Awesom wreck dive on a custom sunk (1997) Australian navy Destroyer Escort, which stands with its keel at 30 m on a sandy bottom.It has been made diver safe, so knock yourself out with lots of cool swimthroughs on a BIG, INTACT, NON DEEP warship - great fun :-)Most of the ship is now covered in…

    HMAS Swan Dunsborough, Australia

    Dunsborough is home to one of the largest accessible dive wrecks in the Southern hemisphere. The former HMAS Swan, a 113 metre long decommissioned naval destroyer, was scuttled in December 1997.The Swan has now become a popular dive site, being one of the largest ships in the southern hemisphere to…

    5 Mile Reef Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    Although most famed as a whale sharks feeding ground during March to June, the reef is also rich in coral and other marine life. During the winter months the reef is part of the migratory routes for dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales.Also, the beaches of the reef are an important…

    Coral Bay Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia


    Exmouth Gulf Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    lots of big fish and great coral not many wave to push you a riund great for all ages.

    Lighthouse Bay Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    well, we couldn¥t see a lot. easy sandy slope. maybe some snakes, maybe some sharks. they promise manta rays.....if it¥s the season of course. quite expansive stuff.

    Lotties Lagoon Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    Lotties's Lagoon consisted of a sandy bottom with various coral pillars and bommie's scattered around.

    Navy Pier Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    Outter Reef Bommies Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    Sponge Gardens Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    the Sponge Garden Drift dive is a must do for the experienced diver. A majestic drift over a diverse collection of large sponges, gorgonians, and sea whips is an excellent way to experience the sea bed devoid of rock structures and coral bombies. The enormity and colours of the sponges and corals in…

    The Canyon Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    the drift Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    the current can get realy strong so before you go check with the ranger on if its ok.the coral is better father out but only for very good swimmer

    The Spit Exmouth and Ningaloo, Australia

    Nice healthy coral reef!This remote dive site will generally be remembered for the strong swell driven current, which could even be felt at a depth of 15 m.We saw lots of live, including anenomyfish, scorpionfish, a Muray Eal, and had a long chat with a cool (and nose pierced!) 1? m Potato Cod,…

    Fremantle North mole Fremantle, Australia

    Very nice sponge life, look under the ledges for schooling bullseye, squid, octopuses, eels, boxfish and of course the elusive western blue devil are all highlights of this dive. very enjoyable dive and best in the evening around 4 o'clock in the summer. Good for crayfishing.

    Drummond Cove Geraldton, Australia

    Lighthouse Reef Geraldton, Australia

    Moore Reef Geraldton, Australia

    Alkimos Wreck Perth, Australia

    Apex club Perth, Australia

    Bicton Baths Perth, Australia

    Boy in the boat reef Perth, Australia

    Boyinaboat reef Perth, Australia

    Very nice peaceful summer dive, recommended for beginners because of its ease of access. as mentioned before there needs to be little or no swell and low winds for a few days before hand as the vis can get quite bad. there is a resident white barred boxfish called phill who is quite friendly and is…

    Green Island Perth, Australia

    Hendersen Island Perth, Australia

    Hillarys North Wall Perth, Australia

    nice and easy dive, you can enter at the end of the mole and just use the incoming tide to move you along. like all walls there isnt an abundance of fish visible but upon closer inspection they are everywhere. good for crays towards the end of the season!( make sure they are a legal size!!) small…

    Jackson Rocks Perth, Australia

    Kingston Reefs Perth, Australia

    Lady Elizabeth Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden barque 658 tons. From Fremantle for Shanghai, one life lost. Wreck lies on a sandy bottom in Bickley Bay with the bow wedged into a reef in about ten metres with a portion of her hull and ribs exposed. Some artefacts remain.

    Litte Armstrong Bay Perth, Australia

    Little Island Perth, Australia

    a good spot for crays,usaully toward the end of the season. The occasional due fish hangs around in the deeper caves. As the name suggests male australian sealions hang around on the island and the sorrounding waters, do NOT touch them, not only are they protected but they can get very violent when…

    Mettams Pool Perth, Australia

    This pool is a great place for family, first time snorkelled or for introducing children to snorkelling. There is also an access for the disabled.

    Nancy Cove Perth, Australia

    Porpoise Bay Perth, Australia

    Rocky Bay Perth, Australia

    Swan River Perth, Australia

    Good crab dive location

    The Basin Perth, Australia

    Transit Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden schooner, 124 tons, 88.8 feet long. Voyage from the Cape of Good Hope. There was a suggestion that her master had been careless or had deliberately wrecked the vessel. No lives lost.

    Trigg Point Perth, Australia

    Waterman Beach Perth, Australia

    Woodmans Point Ammunition… Perth, Australia

    Yanchep Beach Perth, Australia

    Bell park Rockingham, Australia

    Dive trails joined bylocaldive clubby ropes. several boat hulls and 2 aircraft that can be dived into 30ft long . lots of fish snapper (juvenile) sambos, and seahorses on theropes, popular with dive courses , lots to exploreand alsovery goodatnight.sometimescan be very silty depending on tide flow ,…

    Penguin Island Rockingham, Australia

    Shallow waters off the coast make snorkelling easy. Area is sheltered by the island, reducing (or eliminating waves). Very large shallow area, suitable for beginners in snorkelling.

    Point Peron Rockingham, Australia

    Denham Jetty Shark Bay, Australia

    Pearling Grounds Shark Bay, Australia

    Come face to face with large sharks, and wild dolphins

    Rowley Shoals Marine Park Broome, Australia

    The Rowley Shoals are a chain of coral atolls on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. The three pear-shaped atolls have shallow lagoons inhabited by corals and abundant marine life. Each atoll covers an area of around 80 to 90 square kilometres. The three shoals are…

    The Wreck of the Lively Broome, Australia

    In the early 1980s, a Broome charter boat operator advised the Western Australian Maritime Museum that he had seen man-made objects lying on top of the Mermaid atoll in the Rowley Shoals at low tide. Maritime archaeologists found two anchors, three and a half metres long, lying together on the reef…

    Sanko Harvest Wreck Esperance, Australia

    The captain of the 33,000-ton bulk cargo ship, Sanko Harvest, would rather forget Valentines Day 1991. While taking a shortcut through the unchartered waters off Esperance, the ship struck a hidden reef and began to take on water. Hopes were high that the vessel and her cargo of phosphate could be…