Esperance Diving & Fishing

Esperance Diving & Fishing

Esperance, Western Australia

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Esperance has over 140 islands in the Recherché Archipelago and subsequently many wonderful dive sites to choose from. The islands are washed by crystal clear turquoise water.

These granite intrusions provide large caves, boulders and swim-throughs for the diver to explore. The temperate water is the perfect environment for the prolific growth of colourful soft corals and sponges. These line the caves and boulders and the array of colour is breath taking. Esperance is also blessed with areas of hard coral. This is usually in the form of plate coral and is always teeming with tiny colourful fish.

The Esperance water is home to many species of fish. Some of the more common species seen on a dive include groper, red snapper, harlequin fish, sweep, queen snapper, cuttlefish, wrasse, break-sea cod, blue devils to mention a few! .

Esperance is also the home of the famous Southern fighting crayfish and abalone. Divers can take these. There are bag and size limits and of course you must have a licence.

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