Dive in Perth

    Alkimos Wreck Perth, Australia

    Apex club Perth, Australia

    Bicton Baths Perth, Australia

    Boy in the boat reef Perth, Australia

    Boyinaboat reef Perth, Australia

    Very nice peaceful summer dive, recommended for beginners because of its ease of access. as mentioned before there needs to be little or no swell and low winds for a few days before hand as the vis can get quite bad. there is a resident white barred boxfish called phill who is quite friendly and is…

    Green Island Perth, Australia

    Hendersen Island Perth, Australia

    Hillarys North Wall Perth, Australia

    nice and easy dive, you can enter at the end of the mole and just use the incoming tide to move you along. like all walls there isnt an abundance of fish visible but upon closer inspection they are everywhere. good for crays towards the end of the season!( make sure they are a legal size!!) small…

    Jackson Rocks Perth, Australia

    Kingston Reefs Perth, Australia

    Lady Elizabeth Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden barque 658 tons. From Fremantle for Shanghai, one life lost. Wreck lies on a sandy bottom in Bickley Bay with the bow wedged into a reef in about ten metres with a portion of her hull and ribs exposed. Some artefacts remain.

    Litte Armstrong Bay Perth, Australia

    Little Island Perth, Australia

    a good spot for crays,usaully toward the end of the season. The occasional due fish hangs around in the deeper caves. As the name suggests male australian sealions hang around on the island and the sorrounding waters, do NOT touch them, not only are they protected but they can get very violent when…

    Mettams Pool Perth, Australia

    This pool is a great place for family, first time snorkelled or for introducing children to snorkelling. There is also an access for the disabled.

    Nancy Cove Perth, Australia

    Porpoise Bay Perth, Australia

    Rocky Bay Perth, Australia

    Swan River Perth, Australia

    Good crab dive location

    The Basin Perth, Australia

    Transit Wreck Perth, Australia

    Wooden schooner, 124 tons, 88.8 feet long. Voyage from the Cape of Good Hope. There was a suggestion that her master had been careless or had deliberately wrecked the vessel. No lives lost.

    Trigg Point Perth, Australia

    Waterman Beach Perth, Australia

    Woodmans Point Ammunition… Perth, Australia

    Yanchep Beach Perth, Australia