Dive in Perth

Diving in Perth

If you wanted to get out of the city and enjoy the ocean then Perth has some great diving and snorkelling sites to discover.  Whether you’re a certified diver looking to fun dive or a beginner looking to experience it for the first time, you’ll love the dive adventure on offer here. 

Perth has a few dive centres in the city or surrounding areas but it’s a big place so know where you’re going before you get there.  There are over 20 sites to explore and even more if you go by boat to some of the nearby islands such as Rottnest Island

Some cool stuff to see off the coast here are limestone caves, an abundance of fish and different corals, wrecks and you may even get the chance to snorkel or dive with a dolphin, whale or seal!

Rottnest Island is a great day trip from Perth and a lot of the centres will head there.  Beginner divers can start with shore dives close to the city such Boyinaboat Reef and Burn Beach Rocks where you’ll see a variety of fish and maybe find a Weedy Sea Dragon.  Mettams Pool is also good for beginners and a popular snorkelling spot.

The area is home to a few cool wrecks such as the Lady Elizabeth or Macedon and Denton Holmes Wrecks and advanced divers can head to the Gemini Wreck at Two Rocks.  For a drift dive then try the Swan River where you’ll spot a few crabs.  Little Island a good place to find crayfish and maybe a seal, but they can be aggressive so do not try and approach them.

Some outer sites have strong currents so be sure to check with your dive centre about the weather conditions.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see a whale or dolphin!  Be sure to send us a few photos and rate your favourite dive in the area.


(By Kelly Luckman)

Diver in cave

Travel to Perth

Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia and is the most remote capital city in the world.  People come to enjoy the laid back atmosphere, cultural and heritage sites, beautiful beaches and stunning surrounding landscapes. 

The city is so far from the rest of the country that flying is really the cheapest and most practical way to get there.  Perth is well connected to most other state capitals in Australia and many international destinations throughout Asia. If you want to see the real outback, which is extremely vast and will take you days to cross from the east coast, then you can take a bus or train but it’s much more expensive than flying.  There is a good public transport system in the city.

Dorm beds start at $25 a night, double rooms from $80 with a shared bathroom or $100 with private facilities.  A 5 star deluxe room overlooking the beach or river is from $200-$350.  There’s no camping in the city centre but you’ll find some great parks on the outskirts and use public transport to get into town.

Perth city is full of cultural activities and natural beauty.  Head to one of the many galleries or museums dotted around the town or take a walk through King’s Park for some beautiful views of the Swan River and city area.  The best way to appreciate the Swan River is to take a sunset boat trip or hire a canoe or sailboat to cruise the waters.  There are many self guided walks through the city including Convicts and Colonial Trail, Parks and Gardens Trail, Art City or Boom and Bust Trails to discover the history of the city.   You can download free audio tours online.

A visit to the Perth Mint is worth a look or head to the beach for a relaxing day in the sun.  If you love animals then the best way to view the local wildlife is to take a day trip to Heirrison Island to see the Kangaroos or Rottnest Island to see the Quokkas.  Alternatively you can do a day at the Perth Zoo to see all of Australia’s cute little critters in the one place.

There are some great dining options and if you’re on a budget then one of the many food halls offering cheap Asian stir fry’s and dim sum is the place for you.  For a great night out head to Northbridge or West End and chill out with some funky music and a couple of drinks or try one of the great seafood restaurants along the Swan River.

You’ll love your time in this gorgeous city, laid back and full of exciting things to discover, your taste of Australia can be found here. 


(By Kelly Luckman)

  • Diver in cave

    Diver in cave
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