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    Scuba Coiba

    Scuba Coiba Coiba Island, Panama

    1st land-based dive center in Santa Catalina, PanamaIn 2003 Scuba Coiba became the first land-based dive center to open in Santa Catalina and made diving at the history-rich, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Coiba National Park possible for the first time. Located in the Gulf of Chiriqui on Panama‚Äôs…

    Coiba Dive Center Coiba Island, Panama

    COIBA DIVE CENTER is located in Santa Catalina, Panama, just a 1 hour boat ride from Coiba National Park. This area is often described by many as the "New Galapagos" and the "New Cocos." How can diving in Panama, a short plane trip from the U.S., be described as similar to two of the ultimate, but…
    The Ark Divers

    The Ark Divers Coiba Island, Panama

    The Ark Divers offers a unique Scuba lodge experience in the lush mountains of Pixvae.Pixvae is the closest gateway to Coiba National Park. A short 15 minutes boat ride brings you to Coibas best dive sites.Private cabanas in the mountains with ocean view. Private professional dive guide. Exclusive…

    Scuba Coiba Coiba Island, Panama