Dive in Mulaku Atoll

Diving in Mulaku Atoll

Mulaku atoll has many many diving options, and its relative isolation and less tourist make the dive sites a perfect paradise. From long channel and kandu drift dives to small thilas inside the atoll. All dives with outer reef or current points are a good way to meet sharks, manta rays and sometimes, whale sharks. For the wreck lovers, Rayvilla wreck.

Drift diving inside Mulee Kandu is probably one of the highlights.

Travel to Mulaku Atoll

Mulaku Atoll is a very shut-in atoll with an open lagoon surrounded by barrier reefs which are remarkably straight and broad in its western fringe.

It is separated from the other Maldive atolls by the channels Vattaru Kandu in the north, Kudahuvadhoo Kandu in the south and the Hatharu-Atholhu Medu Kandu in the west.

Mulaku Atoll is 48 km long and contains 21 islands, which lie mostly on its SE quarter. The shoals inside the lagoon are generally smaller than in the Northern atolls. There are many coral patches and the depth of the water varies from 28 to 40 fathoms (51 to 73 m); The bottom consists of sand.

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    Tiger Shark Diving Fuvahmulah