Veyvah Beyru

Mulaku Atoll, Maldives

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The south - east of Mulaku is the Muli region. The island of Boli Mulah is in the middle of the big channel, and now is divided in two kandus. The northern one is Mulah Kandu, and Veyvah Beyru is the north corner. When the current flows to the south, is better to start north next to the light near the corner and drift along the channel.
The reef top is around 10m and slopes slowly to 30m. In the channel entrance, hitted by the current there is a sandy patch with a small school of white tip sharks. During south west monsoon there are a few coral formations between 15 and 20m with a big communitie of cleaner wrasse. This place is used by mantas as cleaning station. Also, and in rare ocassions, whale sharks can be seen here.

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