Muli Kandu (Hakura Express)

Mulaku Atoll, Maldives

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This kandu is between Boli Mulah and Muli island, but the dive is basically the south side of it, where the currents formed are very strong. This is why is also called Hakura Express, as the ride can be really fast. The drift is long, passing through the small island of Boahuraa. It has a top at 15m and slopes down to 30. The most interesting part is on the north side where huge schools of snapper, jacks and fusiliers can be found. Also there are smaller groups of batfish, bannerfish, etc. Napoleons and tunas can be found as well. The north part of Muli is also called Turtle Sanctuary and lots of turtles meet here during breeding time, around full moon. The beach itself is where they lay the eggs.

During southwest monsoon, from may to december, this is a great spot for mantas, with numerous cleaning stations on the reef extending from Boahuraa.

The currents here are very strong, with some cross-currents sometimes. The best dive is with ingoing current, but for mantas it has to be outgoing (and the water will be more murky). Sometimes downcurrents can occur, on that case is better to stay on the shallower part.

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