Hakura Thila

Mulaku Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Hakura Thila

Cave Reef Sharks Wall

Al the water from the Mulee Kandu goes to this thila, that is a protected marine area. No wonder because the amount of fish and variety is amazing.
The thila is 80m long with the top at 3m and gently sloping down in the west part. The northeast side is full with overhangs, cavities and caves. It goes down in small steps with sandy areas until it reaches 35m. The biggest cave is between 10 and 15m and it has lots of invertebrates inside.
The currents from Mulee Kandu attracts many fig fish, including grey reef sharks, eagle rays, sweetlips, needlefish and lots of trevallys. Inside the caves life is small, and a good variety of nudibranches and flatworms can be found. Also ribbon eels on the steps and on the bottom. The reef top is great for photography, full of surgeonfishes, angelfish, basslets, butterflyfish and damsels of every colour. As is quite shallow, the colour for photography is very good.
With strong current, the northeast side acts as the current point and it gets split. Is easy to find shelter in many places, but is worth to stay on the point, even holding on dead coral to see the big pelagics passing.

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