Dive in Florida


    Capt Dan Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This ship was a Coast Guard buoy tender Hollyhock. It was sunk as an artificial reef February, 20 1990 in memory of Captain Dan Garnsey.She now lies upright in 110 feet. The wheelhouse is 70 feet and her deck is at 90 feet. She is intact with large access holes providing certified wreck divers easy…
    Dry Tortugas National Park
    Dry Tortugas National Parkhttps://plus.google.com/117691713467621054737/about?gl=us&hl=en

    Morrison Springs Northwest Florida Springs, USA


    Alexander Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Alexander is a very calm spring of 80 meters wide. There are small caverns. The main one can be penetrated for about 10 ft (entrance at 23 feet).There is a lot of marine wildlife here and a chance you might even see an aligator!

    Apopka Spring Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    The spring pool is roughly circular, between 100 and 200 ft in diameter in a semitropical swamp.When spring flow is high, the pool is clean and clear, but when flow is low, murky lake water may cloud the pool. Advanced level cave diving (bring your light!).

    Blue Grotto Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    A massive sinkhole angling down to a depth of 100 feet makes this the deepest of the cavern springs on WadesPage. An air bell at 30' adds interest and a million candlepower underwater light system adds to the safety. There is no current, and the water temperature is the constant 72F of Florida's…

    Blue Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Blue spring is well known for its manatees (they usually come up from St John's river during winter season). Remember that Manatees are protected animals (you should not be less than 50 feet from them).To enter the spring, go N past the concession area, you will find steps. The cave is located at…

    Crystal River - Hunter Spring Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA


    Crystal River - King's Spring Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Many people come here to dive and snorkel because of the large manatee population that migrate up into the warm natural spring fed waters that remain a constant 72 degrees all year round.During the winter months, Crystal River boasts the largest manatee population and is the only place in the world…

    Crystal River - Three Sisters… Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    DeLeon Sprongs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Only used for scuba instruction... Damned!See http://www.floridastateparks.org/deleonsprings for entrance fees.

    Devil's Hole Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Devil's hole is a very impressive place. The sink is about 18 meters in diameter with the water level about 15 meters from the top of the sink.It can be very difficult to enter into the water (steep sides). You should plan on bringing vertical gear to get in and out of the sink (there is an old…

    Devils Den Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    "Visit one of North America's most prehistoric places, Devil's Den-- an underground spring inside a dry cave in central Florida. The remains of many extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age (2 million - 10,000 years ago) were discovered at Devil's Den, including the bones of early man, dating back…

    Ginnie Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    This is a full service facility with something for everyone.Ginnie Spring has a wonderful cavern and is open to open water divers.There are a number of other dives at this with limited open water area and then a lot of cave.http://www.ginniespringsoutdoors.com/Great campground and facilities.

    King's Park Lake Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Lake. We saw blue gills and a painted turtle.

    Paradise Springs Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    This is a commercially operated dive site. Entrance fee is $27. Only certified cave divers can reach 140'... Take care !

    Rainbow River Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    Biology interest is based on both land and water creatures, especially birds and large freshwater fish. Week-end frequency based on holidays and summertime, otherwise not too bad in the early morning when the best animals are active.Very quiet setting, recommended to get there EARLY, 8am when the…

    The Living Seas Central Florida Springs - Ocala, USA

    6 million gallon tank with over 65 species of marine life. Saw sharks, turtles, eagle rays, and diverse tropical fish.

    East Jetty Destin, USA

    Destin, Florida, East Pass' east jetty is pretty much the only beach dive in the Destin area other than the Destin Marler bridge. Visibility can occasionally get above 30 feet but the average is more like 10 - 20 feet.This dive MUST be done during a slack tide period. This cannot be stressed enough!…

    Mohawk Chief Destin, USA

    Mohawk Chief is a 93-foot long tugboat; sunk June 23, 2003.

    Ancient Mariner Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This is a beautiful wreck dive off the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale coast of Florida.It's worth diving because it is a recreational dive and contains plenty of coral and fish.Ancient Mariner is oned for your diving log.Sunk in 1991 as an artificial reef.

    Angel's Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Two angels statues were sunk here.

    Bill Boyd Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The Bill Boyd is a deep dive only for Technical divers.The coral and fish of the wreck are great.Depth limits the bottom time, but it's worth diving this deep.She is a 211 foot German freighter (built in Hamburg in 1964) that was sunk as an artificial reef on July 18, 1986. Today she sits upright in…

    Commercial Pier Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA

    SS Copenhagen Plaque

    Copenhagen Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    "The 325-foot single screw steamer Copenhagen was built in 1898 just two years before she ran aground on the rock ledge out from Pompano. She was caring a cargo of coal to Havana at the time of mishap. This is one of Florida's favorite historical shipwreck dives. On May 20 1900, the vessel had…

    Dania Erojacks Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA


    Deerfield Beach North Rocks Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Fun Beach Dive. Parking is a pain so plan on a drop off and a good walk.

    Guy Harvey Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Ex-Haitian freighter "Lady Kimberly" 185-foot long.Renamed in honor of jamaican marine life artist Guy Harvey.Sunk in 1997as an artificial reef.

    Hall Of Fame Moorings Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Many ledge and undercuts with great sealife.

    Hog Heaven Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Hog Heaven is a 180-foot barge that flipped upside down while being deployed as an artificial reef. It was sunk in 1996.Nearby:- 30 feet north are the remains of the Pacific Reef Lighthouse, and a small sail boat- 200 feet NNe rests the 120-foot barge Wayne in 70 feet of water

    Hydro Atlantic Fort Lauderdale, USA

    One of the best dive of the coast, for experienced divers only!

    Jim Atria Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    This 240-foot Dutch freighter was built in 1961.

    Lighthouse Ledge Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Lowrance Wreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Giant wreck (420 feet long with a 55 foot beam). Sunk March 31, 1984.Sits upright.

    Marriott Reef Fort Lauderdale, USA


    Mercedes I Fort Lauderdale, USA

    She was originally built in 1951 and called the Jacob Rusch. This 198-foot freighter was sunk as an artificial reef site off Fort Lauderdale on March 30, 1985.The Mercedes is the most famous wrecks off the east coast of Florida.

    Miracle of Life Shipwreck Fort Lauderdale, USA

    A 170-foot off-shore supply Vessel was sunk in 142 feet of water on June, 06 2009. It was sunk as an artificial reef, most of its superstructure has been dismantled or cut away to make safe for divers. The top of wheelhouse is about 100 feet and next level where the statue of angel 14 feet tall…

    Noula Express Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Stern is almost over the third reef at deep maximum of 65 feet (19 Meters ) and I am guessing that this wreck is went down about four years ago. Some penetration to wreck is possible with proper training, some fishes on wreck like smalls Hog fish, jakes, barracudas and tropical fish but nothing…

    Rodeo 25 Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The Rodeo 25 is a great wreck of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.Nice soft corals adorn the wreck and fish are plentiful.The Rodeo 25 is among the more famous dive sites of the area.Big fish are also seen and petite fish are around the nooks and crannies of the wreck.

    RSB-1 Fort Lauderdale, USA

    160-foot US tender,sunk in May 14 1994

    Sea Emperor Fort Lauderdale, USA

    171-foot wreck

    Tenneco Towers Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Tenneco Towers, were placed at their current location in October, 1985. This is one of the most popular dives on the southeast coast.The oil rigs were originally used in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration. Tenneco Oil Co. transported the one time oil platform by barge around the Florida…

    Tracy Fort Lauderdale, USA

    132-foot oil rig supply boat sunk in 1999 as an artificial reef.

    United Caribbean Fort Lauderdale, USA

    Nice small wreck dive.Large school of Jew Fish and the same Eel from the Sea Emperor came to visit.Ship rests East/West and is in the same neighborhood as the Sea Emperor and Noula Express.Would be fun to do a little navigation adventure if the current is weak enough.
    The 210 foot former island freighter was sunk December 5th, 1998. The wreck is perfectly upright and intact at 108 feet deep. Good for a Nitrox dive.
    The Aquarius underwater ocean laboratory is located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary three and a half miles off-shore in Conch Reef. The laboratory is currently in 60 feet of water but is built to withstand depths of up to 120 feet. The actually laboratory is home to scientists who live…

    Araby Maid wreck Keys, USA

    Araby Maid was a 195-foot steel vessel. This masted schooner barque was built in 1868. She sank after a collision in 1903. It's a DEEP WRECK for ADVANCED DIVERS!

    Cayman Salvager Keys, USA

    The Cayman Salvager now lies one mile southwest of the Nine-Foot Stake. This 187-foot steel-hulled buoy tender was built in 1937 for Coast Guard usage and was later used as a cable layer and for freighting. The US Government seized this vessel because she was carrying Cuban refugees during the 1979…
    The "Christ of the Abyss" is a 9 foot 4000 pound bronze statue made by an Italian sculptor Guido Galletti. It was placed in Key Largo Dry Rocks in 1966 by the Underwater Society of America.The Statue sits atop a large concrete base in 25 feet of water.

    Coffins Patch Keys, USA

    This dive site is in the Sanctuary Preservation Area.

    Conch Reef Keys, USA

    Conch Reef contains a Sanctuary Preservation Area, no fishing or lobstering allowed.

    Crocker Reef Keys, USA

    Davis Reef Keys, USA

    This dive site is in a Sanctuary Preservation Area, no fishing or lobstering allowed!Davis reef is well known for its schools of fish; and the small Buddha statue that was placed here in 1989.
    Delta Shoals are home to several wrecks. The Barge (behind the east end of the reef), the Ivory Wreck... The reef also have great canyons and nice coral structures.

    Eastern dry rocks Keys, USA

    Popular dive site for scuba and snorkeling.

    French Reef Keys, USA

    French Reef is located into the Sanctuary Preservation Area.Bring a light to explore the 4 caves of French Reef:- Hourglass Cave (near F1)- Christmas Tree Cave (near F3)- White Sand Bottom Cave (The largest cave, located at the center of the reef)- Five Caves (small caves, south end of the reef)

    Joe's tug Keys, USA

    Joe's tug is a small steel tugboat (28m long) that sits upright. You can enter into the wreck easily and access to the wheel house and aft deck.

    Loggerhead Reef Keys, USA

    Looe Key Reef is one of the best but also most dived reefs in the Keys. This reef contains a Sanctuary Preservation Area. The HMS Looe Wreck sunk here in 1744.

    Mike's Wreck Keys, USA

    The Mike's Wreck is an unknown steel-hulled ship. It is of the most popular location for underwater photography.

    Molasses Reef Keys, USA

    You don't have to go far from the boat to see a large variety of animals of all sizes. Located in the National Marine Sanctuary, it is a protected reef, so no worries about tangles with spears or hooks; and very large game fish abound! Weekends do bring in a fair amount of divers, but there is…
    Pretty reef in shallow water

    Rhein Keys, USA

    This 453 foot-long German freighter was sunk by Dutch and British warships back in WWII.

    Rock key Keys, USA

    Popular dive spot. Most reef formations are with long fingers of coral, sand and coral-filled canyons in between.

    Sand key Keys, USA

    Popular dive site off Key West.The reef itself consists mostly of rock fingers and gullies with sandy bottoms between cliff-like structures and extensive areas of staghorn and elkhorn coral.

    Sombrero Reef Keys, USA

    Sombrero Reef has been designated a Sanctuary Preservation Area; fishing and lobstering are strictly prohibited.

    Spiegel Grove Keys, USA

    Spiegel Grove sunk June 10, 2002. This is the largest ship ever sunk intentionally to be an artificial reef, and probably the most well known.Vessel size:- length: 510 feet- type: U.S. Navy Landing Ship Dock- tonnage: 6,880 tonsIt takes at least two dives to have a look of the wreck. The Spiegel is…

    The Benwood Wreck Keys, USA

    The Benwood was a freighter, built in 1910. She was 360 feet long with a 51 foot beam. It sunk in 1942.

    The Bib Wreck Keys, USA

    The Bibb Wreck Keys, USA

    The USGC Bibb was built in 1937 (Coast Guard vessel), and was sunk in 1987. She is 327 feet long, 41 foot beam.
    The wreck site of the City of Washington is 325 feet long that sunk in 1891. An old and disintegrated wreck, but you'll find a plethora of marine life in and around this site.

    The Eagle Wreck Keys, USA

    The Eagle is a 269 feet long freighter which was sunk (December 19th, 1985) intentionally near Lower Matecumbe Key, Florida, to become an artificial reef and diving spot.It was split in two by hurricane Georges in september 1998. A distance of about 100 feet now separates the two halves.History:1962…

    The Elbow Keys, USA


    Thunderbolt Wreck Keys, USA

    The Thunderbolt ia a 190-foot wreck. It was intentionally sunk in 1986. The wreck is sitting upright in 115 feet of water. This is a nice wreck, totally intact with full of marine life.

    Train Wheel Wreck Keys, USA

    Another area of wreckage at the Elbow. A tug and barge went aground in the 20s, dumping train track and wheels onto the reef. Little remains of the wrecks but the wheels. Huge formations of Elkhorn coral shelter schools of Goatfish, Snappers, and Porkfish. Colorful tropical fish are plentiful.

    U-2513 Keys, USA

    Unterseeboot 2513 (U-2513) was a Type XXI U-boat of the Kriegsmarine that was operated by the United States Navy for several years after World War II.On 2 September 1951, the Chief of Naval Operations ordered that the boat be sunk by gunfire. U-2513 was sunk west of Key West, Florida during rocket…

    USS S-16 Wreck Keys, USA

    "The submarine S-16 was built by Lake Torpedo Boat Co., Bridgeport, Connecticut. She was laid down on March 19, 1918, launched on December 23, 1919, and commissioned on December 17, 1920. The S-16 was 231 feet long, had a 21 foot beam and a 13 foot draft. She was attached to the Subdivision 18 and…

    USS Vandenburg Keys, USA

    523 foot WW2 Cargo Ship sunk as an artificial reef. She lies upright.

    Western dry rocks Keys, USA

    Popular dive site.

    The Duane Wreck Keys, USA

    The Duane wasoriginally stationed in California until beingtransferred to the East coast in 1939. During World War II,theDuane was credited, along with her sister cutter Spencer,withsinking the German submarine U-175. The Duane also served asaflagship in the 1944 allied invasion of Southern France…

    Almirante Miami, USA

    The Almirante wreck is a 200' steel freighter. It was sunk in 1974.

    Army Tanks Miami, USA

    There are two M60 Army Tanks placed in 15m deep by the DERM in June of 1994. It is an interesting dive, cos tanks are now an oasis of life...

    Biscayne wreck Miami, USA

    BlueFire Wreck Miami, USA

    The Blue Fire, a 175-ft freighter, was sunk in January 1983 in 110-ft of water.This vessel was seized by the Coast Guard during the Cuban Exodus. This wreck is fairly broken up, though sits fairly upright on a white sandy bottom. It is an easy and safe wreck to penetrate and abounds with sea life…

    Cruz del Sur Miami, USA

    The Cruz del Sur 287 foot long freighter. It was built in 1956 and operated out of Georgetown, Cayman Islands. It was turned over to an artificial reef program.The Cruz del Sur is a nice wreck in the fact that coral is great and fish are plentiful.Despite the depth, the wreck is still one worthwhile…

    DEMA Trader Miami, USA

    The DEMA Trader is a 165-foot freighter. It was deployed October 28th, 2003.

    Doc de Milly Miami, USA

    The Doc de Milly is a steel freighter built in 1949. It was sunk in 1987 (military target).Length: 287'Relief: 50'
    The Neptune Memorial Reef project is the largest man made reef ever conceived and provides an extraordinary living resting place for the departed, an environmental and ecological masterpiece, a superb laboratory for marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists, and an aesthetically…

    Orion wreck Miami, USA

    The Orion was sunk as a part of the artificial reef program in 1981. It is a steel hulled tug boat.

    Tacoma Miami, USA

    Sunk in february 2002

    The Spirit of Miami Miami, USA

    The Spirit of Miami is a Boeing 727 jet (130' long). It was sunk as an artificial reef September 8, 1993.It is broken in several part, some of them are very damaged.

    The Tortuga wreck Miami, USA

    The Tortuga was sunk in April, 1995 for the movie Fair Game. It is a 165' freighter vessel. This vessel is the best penetration wreck of the area. For advanced diver, of course!

    Ultra Freeze Miami, USA

    The Ultra Freeze ia a steeled hulled, 195' freighter with 45 feet of superstructure still attached. She was placed in the RJ Diving Ventures artificial reef site by the South Florida Spearfishing Council in the summer of 1984.

    Black Hole Naples, USA

    Bulb shape sink-hole

    Boca Grande Wreck Naples, USA

    D Tower Naples, USA


    R Tower Naples, USA

    Military radio tower

    Santa Lucia Naples, USA

    The Santa Lucia was a 47 foot turtle boat; she was sunk in 1997 to become part of and artificial reef site.

    Cherokee Sink Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Cypress Spring Northwest Florida Springs, USA


    Harvey's Cave Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Jackson Blue Spring Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Jackson Blue Spring is the main spring that feed feed Merritts Mill Pond. Entrance of the cave is just west of the diving platform.

    Sally Ward Spring Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Shangri-La Springs Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Entrance is at about 5m (18 ft). and can be penetrated for 90m (300 ft) inside.

    St. Andrews State Park Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    This was my first time a this site. Visibility was around 5- 10 ft., it was almost low tide. I heard that around high tide is much better vis. I also heard in the early summer you might get to see baby hammerhead sharks, but I didn't see any myself. Because of the changing tides there was a slight…

    Vortex Springs Northwest Florida Springs, USA

    Amarilys Palm Beach, USA

    The Amarilys is a 441 foot shipwreck, sunk here as an artificial reef in 1968.

    Blue Heron Bridge Palm Beach, USA

    You must bring a flag and they don't allow scuba in the swim area in front of the lifeguard stand. If you go off the beach and to the east you can dive the little bridge, or you can dive to the west of the beach around the pylons under the larger portion. You can also go east an west around the…

    Breakers Reef Palm Beach, USA

    Interesting drift dive.

    Eidsvag and Owens Palm Beach, USA

    Esso Bonnaire Palm Beach, USA

    This 147 ft Harbor Tanker lies in 90 ft of water. Sank on 23rd July 1989.

    Flower Gardens Palm Beach, USA

    Juno Ledge Palm Beach, USA

    Saw blacktip and carribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks, goliath groupers, green moray eels, loggerhead turtles, and a hawksbill turtle.

    King Neptune Palm Beach, USA

    The 7 foot statue of King Neptune is now gone... don't look for her ;-)

    MG-111 barge Palm Beach, USA

    Barge Steel 195' feet

    Mizpah Palm Beach, USA

    The 185 foot Greek liner Mizpah was sunk as an artificial reef in 1968. She lies upright in 27 meters deep.Close to the Mizpah, there is a small patrol craft named PC 1170, with a lot of maray eels.

    Playpen Palm Beach, USA


    Princess Anne Palm Beach, USA

    The Princess Anne wreck was a 350 foot ferry that was sunk in 1993. It was used to shuttle people and automobiles across the Chesapeake Bay.

    Rolls Royce Palm Beach, USA

    This 1985 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce lays in 27 meters of fater. She was donated by two individuals to inaugurate the Country's Artificial Reef Program.

    South Doubles Palm Beach, USA

    two reefs, ledges running north and south

    The Trench Palm Beach, USA

    A-7 Corsair II wreck Pensacola, USA

    The A-7 sits upside down on the bottom. The plane was lost from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Lexington!

    Admiral Fetterman Reef Pensacola, USA

    This site consist of severl large dome structures and a large rubble pile. The colors are fastastic(bring a light) and there are many many fish.

    Anteres Pensacola, USA

    The 400' long Anteres was sunk in 1995 as an artificial reef 21 miles ESE of Pensacola Pass. Depths range 90-135í. Broken and resting on her port side.

    Avocet Pensacola, USA

    The 250? long dredge ?Avocet? was sunk as an artificial reef in 1991 approximately 21 miles SSE of Pensacola Pass. The upper structure of the wreck has been torn off and scattered by hurricanes. Depths range 90-130?. The Avocet's close proximity to the ?Edge? often brings in large pelagic fish…

    Brass Wreck Pensacola, USA

    A classick wreck dive. The Brass Wreck is an unidentified 19th century schooner.It was given this name due to many brass pins being found on or near the site. The marine life is abundant:Flounder, Snapper, Grouper, Barracudas, Trigger, Amberjack, etc.Characteristics:Type: Wooden schoonerLength: 250…

    Bull Ridge Pensacola, USA

    Catherine Pensacola, USA

    The Norwegian Bark ?Catherine? ran aground and sank off Santa Rosa Island in the early 1900?s. Her remains lie in 15-18? of water, approxiamtely 300 yards off the beach near Fort Pickens. A fantastic dive site, but not recommended as a shore dive due to tidal surge , rapidly changing conditions and…

    Chevron Rig Pensacola, USA

    Unemployed oil rig deployed as an artificial reef in 1993. Depths range from 70-135í. The tremendous amount of marine life that inhabits and visits the rig makes this a spectacular dive and fishing site and a favorite for lobster hunters

    Joseph E. Brown Pensacola, USA

    One of the many liberty ships sunk in the Gulf.

    Kingry Barge Pensacola, USA

    This 75' long barge was deployed as an artificial reef in 1993 in 85' of water. This wreck is enhanced by several open fuel storage tanks and is in close proximity to other artificial reefs including the CSX Rubble and the Army Tanks. Grouper, Snapper, and Amberjack are all common

    Liberty Ship Pensacola, USA

    The 400í hull of the Liberty Ship was sunk as an artificial reef in 90í of water , approximately 8 mile ESE of Pensacola pass.

    Navy Barge Pensacola, USA

    Sunk in 1993 as an artificial reef

    Oops Barge Pensacola, USA

    This wreck got it's name when she went down about two miles from her planned location all on her own (oops) Anyway what's left of this barge still has lots of life on it. The barge holds a large amount of fish for it's small size.

    PC Barge Pensacola, USA

    This barge was sunk in 1990 and had radio towers added the next year. It make for a good dive with easy underwater navigation. Lots of life on this wreck near the radio towers.

    Perdido Key Bridge Pensacola, USA


    Pete Tide II Pensacola, USA


    San Pablo Pensacola, USA

    This is a WW2 wreck hit by German sub and when repairs were too great she was to be sunk as reef only to go down early where she rest today.She was broken down due to her location in shipping lane with most of the site standing 12' off the floor, however almost in the middle of the wreck are three…

    Soule Barge Pensacola, USA

    This barge lies inverted on the bottom at 80' with radio towers. A easy to navigate site with lots of fish. Always a fun dive.

    Tenneco Oil Rig Pensacola, USA

    This dive site is composed of two massive 500-ton structures. They were submerged in 175 feet of water as an artificial reef. Mostly used for dive training.

    Tex Edwards Pensacola, USA

    This is a barge sunk to make a reef. It is an easy dive that is always fun. Many types of fish, a sea turtle at times and a shark or two from time to time.

    Three Coal Barges Pensacola, USA

    Remains of 3 coal barges sunk as an artificial reef approximately 5 miles south east of Pensacola Pass. Depths range 45-60? . This large site is an area favorite for shell collecting and training new divers, and is home to an impressive array of marine life including resident sea turtles

    Timber holes Pensacola, USA

    Large area of natural limestone ledges, full of lobsters. A great dive site with abundant marine life.

    Tug Born Again Pensacola, USA

    This 65-foot long tug boat was sunk in 1991 as an artificial reef.

    Tug Deliverance Pensacola, USA

    Sunk in 1989 as an artificial reef. Depths range 75-85'. The wreck is little more than the hull and is in poor shape, but holds a tremendous amount of marine life

    Tug Heron Pensacola, USA

    The Tug ?Heron? and an LCM Landing Craft were deployed as artificial reefs in 1990. The two wrecks sit upright and side by side, 80? apart. Depths 75-95?. Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, Triggerfish, and Jewfish are common residents. Occasional Tuna, Dolphin, Cobia, and Wahoo.Before being separated by…

    Tug Sylvia Pensacola, USA

    65í long Tug sunk in 1990 as an artificial reef. Depths range 65-80í. Sitting upright, this wreck attracts a large array of marine life, including Amberjack, Snapper, Grouper, and Trigger Fish.

    U.S.S. Oriskany Pensacola, USA

    USS Oriskany was sunk May 17th, 2006. Ex-USS Oriskany CVA-34 the only aircraft carrier that you can scuba dive to. Intentionally sunk as an artificial reef outside Pensacola Florida in 2006 the Mighty O is providing both recreational/sport and technical scuba diving.Ship dimensions:- Length: 888…

    USS Massachusetts Pensacola, USA

    One of the best small boat dives in the Pensacola area. The wreck is mainly intact, but some sections are covered by sand.USS Massachusetts (BB-2), an Indiana-class battleship, was the fourth ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the sixth state. She was launched on 10 June…

    YDT- 15 wreck Pensacola, USA


    YDT-14 Wreck Pensacola, USA

    The YDT-14 is a 40m long steel ship. She was scuttled April 1st, 2000 as an artificial reef.

    City Service Tanker Port Canaveral, USA

    Sunk by U-128 torpedo in February 1942. The wreck of the Cities Service Empire sits upright on a sandy floor in 70+ m of water. She is 141 m (465') long!

    Palm Island Ferry St Petersburg, USA

    Artificial reef. approx. 30-40' barge with culvert pipesaround that lead to another barge.Always goliath grouper, snapper, AJs, and various other species.Viz is normally decent. Usually not crowded.

    Spanish Rocks St Petersburg, USA

    Great reef dive, Lots of fish.Best dive i have ever done!

    Venice Beach St Petersburg, USA

    This site is known to yield fossilized sharks' teeth. Poor visibility, esp when the water's a little choppy. I have found upwards of 60 teeth in a one-hour dive. (Pics of them on my page.) Teeth ranged from serrated (white sharks) to lanceolate (sand sharks). Many different sizes. This site has been…

    American Shoal Reef Key largo, USA

    American Shoal reef is home of one of the Lighthouses along the Worlds 3rd Largest Barrier Reef.