Dive in Miami

    Almirante Miami, USA

    The Almirante wreck is a 200' steel freighter. It was sunk in 1974.

    Army Tanks Miami, USA

    There are two M60 Army Tanks placed in 15m deep by the DERM in June of 1994. It is an interesting dive, cos tanks are now an oasis of life...

    Biscayne wreck Miami, USA

    BlueFire Wreck Miami, USA

    The Blue Fire, a 175-ft freighter, was sunk in January 1983 in 110-ft of water.This vessel was seized by the Coast Guard during the Cuban Exodus. This wreck is fairly broken up, though sits fairly upright on a white sandy bottom. It is an easy and safe wreck to penetrate and abounds with sea life…

    Cruz del Sur Miami, USA

    The Cruz del Sur 287 foot long freighter. It was built in 1956 and operated out of Georgetown, Cayman Islands. It was turned over to an artificial reef program.The Cruz del Sur is a nice wreck in the fact that coral is great and fish are plentiful.Despite the depth, the wreck is still one worthwhile…

    DEMA Trader Miami, USA

    The DEMA Trader is a 165-foot freighter. It was deployed October 28th, 2003.

    Doc de Milly Miami, USA

    The Doc de Milly is a steel freighter built in 1949. It was sunk in 1987 (military target).Length: 287'Relief: 50'
    The Neptune Memorial Reef project is the largest man made reef ever conceived and provides an extraordinary living resting place for the departed, an environmental and ecological masterpiece, a superb laboratory for marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists, and an aesthetically…

    Orion wreck Miami, USA

    The Orion was sunk as a part of the artificial reef program in 1981. It is a steel hulled tug boat.

    Tacoma Miami, USA

    Sunk in february 2002

    The Spirit of Miami Miami, USA

    The Spirit of Miami is a Boeing 727 jet (130' long). It was sunk as an artificial reef September 8, 1993.It is broken in several part, some of them are very damaged.

    The Tortuga wreck Miami, USA

    The Tortuga was sunk in April, 1995 for the movie Fair Game. It is a 165' freighter vessel. This vessel is the best penetration wreck of the area. For advanced diver, of course!

    Ultra Freeze Miami, USA

    The Ultra Freeze ia a steeled hulled, 195' freighter with 45 feet of superstructure still attached. She was placed in the RJ Diving Ventures artificial reef site by the South Florida Spearfishing Council in the summer of 1984.