Dive in Brazil


    Arvoredo Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Abismo Anhumas - Bonito Abismo Anhumas - Bonito, Brazil

    There are some enterprises that organize the entire ride. From the entrance (a hole) people go down about 72 meters (230 ft) in rapel style inside the cave. Snorkelling for all dive is possible but only CMAS * / OW can dive to 18m (59ft) and in all cases using light. There are many "martian-like"…

    Alvarenga Alvarenga, Brazil

    Becomes very vulnerable to changes in visibility, which can be limited to about 5 meters in days where there is very bad wind in any way mean there is a visibility of 10 to 15 meters. Advised that the divers should be careful while in the wreck, with a lot of fishing lines in debris.Alvarenga seems,…

    Aracatibinha Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Dive site close to a pier which supplies live aboard boats with fresh water. During the filling time, it's worth to make a few bubbles at the rocks surrounding the pier or even underneath it. Morrays, crabs and turtles can be seen here.

    Atractores Atractores, Brazil

    Avi„o Bandeirantes Aviao Bandeirantes, Brazil


    Baia Das Tartarugas Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    As the name says is the site easier to see turtles. Easy diving on a rocky shore. Between this bay and Enggenho are one of the most interesting caves of Arvoredo.With a bottom formed with little slabs, is one of the easier sites to see turtles in Arvoredo. In some cases, even some divers can find…

    Baia do Engenho Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Good point for new and experienced divers. Depth6 to 20 meters. Rocky shore, with some soft corals on the rocks. Good to see big fishes like groupers and turtles.In the past, here run a sugar factory (in ruins), that served as a shelter to fishermen when the reserve didn't existed yet. Today, the…

    Baia do Farol Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil


    Batente das Agulhas Natal, Brazil

    The Batante Agulhas has that name because the existing rock formations on top of the hill-shaped columns, which some geologists acretidam be fossilized trunks of coconut trees millions of years ago when the level of the oceans was more atuais.A bottom of the maximum diving depth is 24 meters and 18…

    Boca do Boqueirao Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Calhau de S„o Pedro Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    This site has a fund formed by stones and its average depth is about 16 meters. Is the closest site to the continent of the entire reserve. The visibility is not too good and the diving conditions are almost always bad. The place has almost no shelter and the current is constant. Most of the fauna…

    Caverna da Sapata Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Wall dive culminating in a big cave encrusted with sponges. Rays, sharks, groupers, turtles, morays, barracudas and lobsters are common and if you are lucky you'll see dolphins.

    Chata de Noronha Chata de Noronha, Brazil

    "Do not know the true story of the wreck known as Chata de Noronha. Over the past years have been by oral trad?i?o that this vessel was the transportation of cargo between the port of Recife and the island of Fernando de Noronha. As it runs, "The ship went from Recife Noronha to empty, when during a…

    Cordilheira do Sul Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    This point divides the enabled diving area from the Reserve. The formation of stones that forms the fund from the Pedra de Baleia ends here. It is a dive that must be done through the border between the sand and the stones in both the outward and in the back, because the outside is a real labyrinth.…

    Corveta V-17 Ipiranga Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    This 56m long Brazilan warship vessel was build in 1953 by the Marinha do Brasil. It sunk in october 1983.

    Estaleiro Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil


    Gales de Maragogi Gales de Maragogi, Brazil

    Reef lagoons dive. Mostlly for snorkelly but Scuba dive also possible.

    Grutazul Cabo, Brazil

    fantastic dive with PL Divers Arraial do Cabo RJ

    Ilha Anchieta Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Usual dive site for OWD training.

    Ilha Comprida Paraty, Brazil


    Ilha das Cabras Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha das Couves Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha de Buzios Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Ilha de Buzio is halfway between Ilha Bela e Ilha Vitoria.

    Ilha de ¬ncora Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil

    Ilha do Jorge Grego Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    We can divide the island into two points for diving: the internal part, where there is a wreck of a fishing vessel, has depths ranging from 9 to 20 meters. The bottom is sand and rocks that form passages between the rocks. Here the level of experience is the recommended level. From the outside,…

    Ilha do Meio Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    Situated at the end of Rata's Channel, this island is bathed by the outside sea clear stream. The big caves/lairs are the main attraction.Situada no final do canal da Rata, esta ilha ? banhada pelas correntes claras do oceano. As grandes cavernas s?o a principal atra??o.

    Ilha dos Cocos Paraty, Brazil

    Ilha dos Ganchos Paraty, Brazil

    Many dive centers from S„o Paulo State make their novice divers training in the area of Paraty. Ilha dos Meros is one of the most visited spot in the area.

    Ilha dos Ratos Paraty, Brazil


    Ilha Escalvada Espirito Santo and Guarapari, Brazil


    Ilha Grande Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    Ilha Rapada Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Close to Ilha das Couves, in front of Ubatumirim beach.

    Ilha Vitoria Sao Paulo, Brazil

    It has usually visibility above 10mt and water temperature above 23oC. Small rays and turtles are frequent visitors. Most commun diving spots are Professora Bay (AKA Saco da Professora) and Paia Bay (AKA Saco do Paia). Also possible to dive, if sea condition are favorable, in Pescadores Island (AKA…

    Lage Branca Angra dos Reis, Brazil

    It is a small rock close to the Angra dos Reis harbor channel. Its position is indicated by a navigation light. If the sea conditions permit it is possible to dive around it in 35 minute (keeping a depth of 5~7mt).

    Lage dos 2 Irm„os Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

    The main attractions of this place are the frequent encounters with sharks and the island¥s largest coralline formation.As atraÁ?es principais s„o os frequentes encontros com tubar?es e as formaÁ?es de corais.

    Lago Azul Mara Rosa Lago Azul GO, Brazil

    The Blue Lake is a lake in an old gold-mining. The Blue Lake is between the town of Mara Rosa (GO) and Amaralina (GO).Mara Rosa a super friendly and relaxed place, is 320 km from Brasilia and 12 km of Lake Blue. With water over 20m of visibility and temperature of 27?C, the Blue Lake has become one…