Dive in Bombinhas Florianopolis


    Arvoredo Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil


    Baia Das Tartarugas Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    As the name says is the site easier to see turtles. Easy diving on a rocky shore. Between this bay and Enggenho are one of the most interesting caves of Arvoredo.With a bottom formed with little slabs, is one of the easier sites to see turtles in Arvoredo. In some cases, even some divers can find…

    Baia do Engenho Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Good point for new and experienced divers. Depth6 to 20 meters. Rocky shore, with some soft corals on the rocks. Good to see big fishes like groupers and turtles.In the past, here run a sugar factory (in ruins), that served as a shelter to fishermen when the reserve didn't existed yet. Today, the…

    Baia do Farol Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Calhau de S„o Pedro Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    This site has a fund formed by stones and its average depth is about 16 meters. Is the closest site to the continent of the entire reserve. The visibility is not too good and the diving conditions are almost always bad. The place has almost no shelter and the current is constant. Most of the fauna…

    Cordilheira do Sul Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    This point divides the enabled diving area from the Reserve. The formation of stones that forms the fund from the Pedra de Baleia ends here. It is a dive that must be done through the border between the sand and the stones in both the outward and in the back, because the outside is a real labyrinth.…

    Estaleiro Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Lagoinha Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Parcel de Boi Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    One of the better dive sites on the south side of the island. The site starts on the tip of Saco do Capim, near 10 meters deep. The site ends (to the southwest) near 22 meters deep. You can find rest of some wrecks and a great variety of sea life. Is common to see passing fishes like Olhetes,…

    Parque da Galheta Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Ponta de Porto Belo Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Ponta do Farol Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Is the deepest dive of the island. On this site the currents can be very strong, but the view compensates. Is like a wall with lot of big passing fishes.

    Recanto do campin Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Site also known as Saco de Batismo (Baptism Bay) and therefore is one of the most visited site by diving operators, although it can be surprising even for experimented divers. The rocky bottom forms many small caves in which can be found Frades (Friars) and shoals of cryptic fishes (that lives in…

    Saco do Capim Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    It has this name because of the vegetation of the island here. The bottom is cover of zoantÌdeos, a highlight is the wreck of Granada. In the parts of the wreck is common encounter of sea horses.

    Saco do Vidal Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

    Very good to see big fishes like groupers. Good to deep diving too. You can see big soft corals like Elisella species and slipper lobsters.The name of this site it's a tribute to an old lighthouse man who lived for a while on the island. Next to the Ba?a do Farol, with similar features. The depth…

    Sepultura Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil