Baia do Engenho

Bombinhas Florianopolis, Brazil

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Dive Baia do Engenho

Big Fishes Deep

Good point for new and experienced divers. Depth 6 to 20 meters. Rocky shore, with some soft corals on the rocks. Good to see big fishes like groupers and turtles.

In the past, here run a sugar factory (in ruins), that served as a shelter to fishermen when the reserve didn't existed yet. Today, the place transformed in an ideal site to train on multilevel diving. It have a shallow part with near 8 meters deep with stones and sand at sight and, in the direction to the lighthouse, you can get until 18 meters deep, in which fishes with bigger size can be found. On this site, there's a special caution to be taken: the strong current uses to drift the divers on the lighthouse direction.

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