Dive in Brazil

Scuba Diving in Brazil

Brazil is the ultimate location for diving. With almost 8,000km of coastline, pristine beaches and rich biodiversity you are welcome to sit back and relax to the rithm of samba in this tropical paradise.

One of the best diving areas in Brazil is the Atol das Rocas, expensive to get to but completely unspoilt with fantastic visibility and huge biodiversity from coral gardens and drop-offs to reef sharks, turtles, dolphins, huge snappers, goatfish and jacks. 

Try diving in Fernando de Noronha islands (a UNESCO World Heritage site) with their crystal clear lagoons and truly excellent marine life. Expect to see large pelagic species as well as muck diving species, like tiny seahorses, Spanish hogfish, long-spined squirrelfish, queen angelfish… the list is endless! There are several wrecks here including a 56m Brazilian Navy corvette (small destroyer) called the Ipiranga complete with a full armament, even the uniforms remain hanging in the closet! The wreck itself is swarming with fish, crustations and colourful corals.

Or diving in Abrolhos, with very calm, shallow and relaxed dives, and though the visibility is not as good as Noronha, the richness of the corals and marine life is incredible.

The best spots for scuba diving in the south of Brazil are between São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro. Of course they are not as good as mentioned sites in the northeast, but comparing world wide, this region is very good as well.

Arraial do Cabo is another marine reserve, just 2 hours south of Rio, where the cool southerly and warm northerly currents meet creating an underwater paradise for marine species. There are several underwater caves, shipwrecks and canyons to explore full of turtles, rays, little seahorses, morays and tropical fish.

Ilha Grande near Sao Paolo is a gorgeous tropical island full of old shipwrecks and corlourful coral reefs. 

For top cave diving try diving in Bonito –both the Mimoso Rotto and Anhumas Abyss are considered some of the world’s best caverns for diving. For exotic corals and to see the famous ‘singer whales’ (Jubarte Whales –during July or Novemeber) dive at the Abrolhos National Park.

Water temperatures in Brazil average 26°C all year round, high season is from December to February when prices tend to be a little higher. Conditions are generally fantastic, some areas can have strong currents and occasionally experience rough conditions although there are plenty of sheltered sites to choose from.

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