Torvore "vapor 19"

Algarve, Portugal

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Dive Torvore "vapor 19"


The Norwegian steamer with a length of 80m and weight 1800 tons was attacked off the coast of Sagres during the first World War by the famous U-boat U35 in April 1917. After the entire crew has left the ship they attached dynamite and sunk the ship. It now lies on a sandy bottom, parallel to the coast about 30m deep and is one of the highlights of our dive sites. Through the years and some rough seas in the winters, large parts of the deck have collapsed. During the dive we visit bow, stern and the large boiler, in many areas, we see the cargo, pressed industrial coal lined up in rows as on the day of the sinking. During the visit we will be accompanied by trigger fish, large zebra sea bream, damselfish, pouting and sometimes with a little luck the very special sunfish can be seen here. In the middle of a vast sandy area, the wreck offers protection and living conditions for a large number of marine life.

A very interesting dive site, however, due to increased air consumption and a short bottom time because of greater depth the diver needs a certain experience and training level.

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