Martinhal Islands

Algarve, Portugal

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Dive Martinhal Islands

Ambiance Reef Drift

"Explosion of the marine life", this dive site impresses of its variety of underwater flora and fauna. Maybe privileged by new laws of the natural park, or simply based on the unique geographical situation of the island formation.

The island group, also breeding grounds of various Seabirds, consists of a huge rock formation on the outer border of the Bay of Martinhal. It is separated by several channels where shoals of fish feed in the low current. In search of food we can observe desde os Communs Sargos, snook, pargos, Bodio, salemas, judias, castanhetas, peixe-porco, rascassos, até aos imponente Lírios e atun on. Canyons covered with colonies of anemones, sea fans and colourful night snails. A small cave with some natural light from a chimney on the roof is the habitat of lobsters, small crabs and spider crabs. These attractions make this dive site to one of the richest and most varied dive in the region. The depth can vary quite a bit on this dive which requires good buoyancy control.

At this site, different dives can be done with different depths and degrees of difficulty.

  • Martinhal Islands

    Martinhal Islands

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