English Beach

Salalah, Oman

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Ambiance Shoal Reef Wall

a large, beautiful, unspoilt bay, the best dive is on the west side, with an easy sandy entrance, with a maximum depth of 18m. The bay is generally very sheltered, with a rocky wall along the west side and rock and coral outcrops which can be found by zig-zagging across the sand away from the wall. This is a fantastic dive site for many different varieties of Rays (Devil Rays, Jenkins Whip Rays, Cow Nose Rays, Butterfly Rays, Oman Masked Rays, Blue Spotted Reef Rays, Black blotched Stingrays, Thorny Rays have all been sighted on this site). It is also one of the best sites for macro life, and octopus can be found by looking for the holes covered with piles of shells and small rocks.

  • A Ray

    A Ray
  • Octopus in english beach

    Octopus in english beach

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